5 Reasons to do an MBA in 2021

5 Reasons to do an MBA in 2021

If you thought that the year 2021 has just started and it’s only been a few days so far and you still have time to think and decide about what you want to do with your life, then can we say that you are procrastinating? Well, in a world pre-2020 procrastination would be apt for this scenario. But, 2020 was not actually a normal year was it? The education sector was perhaps the worst affected during the pandemic. Students who wanted to study had to postpone their plans due to a plethora of reasons and institutes were struggling due the obvious reasons, lack of students. So the word is not procrastination, it is a sin to not think about your educational inclinations in 2021. One such course which is the need of the hour, not just for students, but also for the corporates, is the MBA. If you are still not convinced, then here are 5 reasons to do an MBA in 2021.


Management And Other Skills

Students who apply for an MBA are usually business savvy individuals or employees who have been working in a corporate workplace for 2-5 years and looking to jump to management roles. An MBA course will hone the managerial skills of the students and develop their business acumen over the course of two years. The curriculum of colleges may vary slightly or depending up on the specialization, it will vary entirely, but below are some of the skills that are nurtured in any MBA programme or B-school:

  • Decision making
  • Leadership abilities
  • Devising and implementing marketing strategies
  • Hire and improve employee experience in the organization
  • Manage the financial health of the organization and more.


Specializations As Per Individual Strengths

The need for MBA is huge in the corporate sector and their roles vary depending on the industry and organizational structure. B-schools have, at an early stage, adapted to train their students in different specializations as per the industry norms and requirements. Given below are some of those specializations: –

  • General MBA
  • MBA in Marketing
  • MBA in Finance
  • MBA in HR
  • Global Leadership MBA
  • MBA in Operations, and even
  • MBA in Entrepreneurship


Network That Helps During Trying Times

The network built during the MBA years and the alumni network of the alma mater comes in very handy, especially during trying times. Any MBA holder, unfortunate enough to lose a job, would be tapping into this resource to get placed in an organization. Or, any one who plans to start their own business can tap into this resource for mentorship, partnership or for seed funding.


Entrepreneurial Push

Some students choose an MBA programme to start their own business while some others get bitten by the entrepreneurial bug during the programme. An MBA programme or a B-school is a great place to find like-minded people willing to take the entrepreneurial plunge.

Age No Bar

B-schools enroll students who are even 40 years old, as age is not a criterion for admission. But older students need to impress the admission panel as to how an MBA will help them at this stage of life. Good entrance exam scores and experience will ensure older candidates a seat.

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