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Ms. Julie Low


Ms Julie Low is a Director and shareholder at Regenesys. Julie joined Regenesys in 2005 as a finance officer and was promoted to Finance Manager in 2006. Prior to Regenesys, she was an independent consultant in financial management and accounting. Julie is one of five shareholders of Regenesys.

At Regenesys, Julie is responsible for establishing sound financial management systems; ensuring that the company’s assets are secure; keeping the books in order and driving efficiency and effectiveness in the company’s operations. She is tasked with risk managing; organising the external audit process and oversees the debt collection process. She is now also responsible for the company secretarial duties.

On the weekends, Julie is ‘Mom’s taxi’ for the children and if she finds time, she loves reading, with a focus on spiritual books and recommended non-fiction and fiction. She also likes to go for walks with friends.