Business Opportunities in South Africa

Business Opportunities in South Africa

Emerging economies present opportunities on a platter to enterprising individuals. And, South Africa is one of the most promising economies in the world today with investments pouring in from across the world. Now, success is subjective and each individual has their own unique outlook on it. And having said that, engaging in business activities is one of the ways to make a difference in the world and become successful. Students who pursue their higher education from South Africa might be anxious to know about the opportunities waiting to be explored once the education completes.


Skill-based Tutoring

Education is a booming sector in South Africa. Although South Africa can boast of premiere institutes, such as Regenesys, tutoring, both academic and non-academic, is a largely untapped sector. The percentage of graduates is increasing every year, and the quest for knowledge and skills is growing by the hour. Knowledge is power, but the dissemination of knowledge is money. People with coding skills, data skills and language (dialect) skills can thrive in the online (and even offline) tutoring space.


Event Management

Event planning and management is often outsourced to professionals and it is a flourishing business in South Africa. People skilled at organizing events, crisis management and interpersonal skills are ideal for handling personal or corporate events. Networking at these events can garner more clients and hence set up a feasible business.


E-commerce space

E-commerce is a part and parcel of everyone’s daily lives. Everything is available online – from milk to motorcycles and cars. There are several e-commerce sites, large and small, where products are bought and sold. The selling part is where the business lies. An internet connection, know-how of the e-commerce site and network of local sellers is all that is needed to succeed in this business. The profit margin on ecommerce sites is high. Students can tap this avenue of money making while studying or start a full-fledged business after graduation.




The economy of South Africa is on an upward trajectory, hence the competition that businesses face is immense. When the competition is fierce, businesses look up to its marketing team. Creative and competitive marketing is needed not just to beat the competition, but to take the business to new heights. And a thriving business spends handsomely on efficient marketers. People proficient in digital marketing are in huge demand in South Africa.



The need for IT is everywhere. Proficiency in coding, hardware and networking are skills needed to start and grow a business. Developing apps and designing websites is also in high demand in South Africa.


Graphic Designers

Graphic designing is perhaps one domain which will never go out of business. Graphic design skills are needed in marketing, advertisement, gaming and in TV shows and movies. Proficiency in photo- and video-editing can open the doors to this amazing business opportunity.


Freelance Jobs

Freelance jobs give the opportunity to work from a convenient location at a convenient time; however, it is only for those who are good at time management. Freelance jobs are easy to get with minimal investment (usually all it needs is a laptop and internet connection). There are several freelance jobs like content creation, social media creative, surveys, affiliate marketing, photography etc.

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