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This masterclass is aimed at middle to senior managers and leaders who aim to lead high performing teams. Sales and marketing teams have received great value from this immersive masterclass.

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Two days
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Course Overview

NeuroDesign is an exciting, ground-breaking approach to solving design challenges and complex problems using research findings from applied neurosciences and psychology. Understanding how to optimise the amazing innovative capacity of your brain for high-performance thinking, with and through others, will enable you to co-create dynamic solutions that astound your Users and Customers.

This two-day masterclass is an immersive learning experience.

On the first day, you will learn the foundational, neurologically proven NeuroDesign techniques through a Theatre experience called “On Stage.” You will be coached by a professional Theatre Director, Theatre Technicians, Choreographers, Actors and Actresses. The application of these NeuroDesign Techniques will culminate in your performance, On-Stage, in a Cast, applauded by a live audience.

On day two, these foundational NeuroDesign techniques will be embedded via a reflective discourse on your On-Stage experience and the opportunity to action how your insights will be applied at work and in life.

Learning and practising these leading-edge NeuroDesign techniques through the lens of the Theatre will enable you to:

  • Challenge limiting beliefs of self and others
  • Face the unknown and be able to innovate in highly disruptive contexts
  • Solve complex design challenges and problems in a radically collaborative, high performing team
  • Rise above predictability and dare to be different

NeuroDesign is fiendishly challenging, not due to the process or techniques, but due to the hardwired mindsets of individuals and teams. On Stage focuses on developing the right mindset to really find the right direction towards the right solutions that will boost employee and customer engagement and enhance profitability.

Course Fees

R10 400 Incl VAT

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