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Regenesys Institute of Management - Community Development Program 2018-19'

Community Development Program 2018-19'


On 18th September,2018 students of Regenesys Institute of Management have taken their first step towards the Community Development Project. The goal is to help communities in terms of providing help with sanitation and medical support for various diseases.  It started with locating a village nearby where people are facing sanitation and hygiene problems. The research found an area i.e “Panshechi Nagar” which is a slum, nearby Belapur station.


On 8th Octover,2018 students visited Panshechi Nagar again to get a better insight into the types of diseases most commonly prevalent amongst the dwellers. Based on the survey it was identified that over 45% of the people were suffering from skin diseases. In order to ascertain the nature of the diseases a medical diagnosis camp was scheduled on the 14th of October


The medical diagnosis camp was held on 14th October,2018 at Pancheshi nagar.It was a big hit with the locals. The team had arranged for Dr.Ashwini from DY Patil Hospital and Dr.Mithila from Elan Skin Clinic to diagnose the patients skin diseases.About 40 patients were given prescriptions based on the personal checkups. Majority of them were suffering from various type of skin problems.This was a run upto  a large scale medical camp to be conducted on 2nd December for all the residents of Pancshechi Nagar.


Students at Regenesys Institute of Management celebrated Diwali on 2nd November,2018 this year by giving to the residents of Panshechi Nagar, Belapur a lovely surprise.

After a fundraising blitz, goodie bags were packed by the students and distributed to the residents as Happy Diwali wish from all at Regenesys Institute of Management