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Day 1:Initiation to being a true Regenian

The idea behind this orientation program is to help you, as a fresher break the ice and to familiarize you with the campus and the surrounding areas, since most of the students are from outside Mumbai. Get ready for a power-packed week of exploration, self-discovery, learning & inspiration.

Day 2:Inspire. Motivate. Rejuvenate

At Regenesys we believe that high IQ (intelligence) is not the only basis of success, Spiritual Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence and Physical Intelligence are equally important. This day is dedicated to exploring all avenues of personal well being and emotional rejuvenation.

Day 3:Exploration: Outbound Activity-Heritage walk

Go for a trekking expedition to the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivili hills. Trust us, you will come back, with not just beautiful memories but also a stronger bond with your new friends.

Day 4: A New Perspective of Management

Learning is not limited to books and classrooms, lets push the boundaries and enjoy a movie with excellent life and business lessons.

Day 5:The leaders of tomorrow

This high octane activities helped the student to test their business acumen & entrepreneurial skills.

Day 6:From Strangers to a Team

It was time to let the leadership skills shine & show trust among new friends, through activities like "The Blinfold trust game" & "Treasure hunt".

Day 7:Mind Body and Soul

Learning is not limited to books & classrooms, this day was dedicated in pushing boundaries through Yoga and Meditation with our Yoga guru Mr. Rajesh Sharma.