How To Crack The Online MBA Interview Round?

How To Crack The Online MBA Interview Round?

The final round of MBA admissions in most institutes is the face to face round. And with the pandemic that made most of us spend our time indoors, this last stage of admission has gone virtual. Most students who are used to facing a panel or an interviewer face to face find it difficult to adjust to the virtual mode of interview. But, a future MBA graduate needs to research, alter and adapt; qualities that the interviewer gauges in prospective students. For instance, how many of you have used the “touch up” feature that makes you look good in a popular videotelephony app? Let’s look at how we can make virtual/online interviewing work to our strengths.

Dress Accordingly

This point is redundant, but included here nonetheless. Always dress accordingly while making video calls to anyone. After scheduling an interview call, research the dressing ethics of the school that you are applying for. Will formal shirts and pants work or does the institute expect you to wear a jacket and a tie as well? As per several HR suggestions, overdressing for a position is alright, but it is underdressing that HRs or managers frown up on. So, if you are confused about wearing a tie, don’t be, just wear one. The interviewer will be more interested in the aptitude of an individual rather than their dressing sense, but a well dressed candidate has one less thing to worry about.


Check Your Background

Imagine giving an interview and the wall behind is a pile of dirty laundry. Well, it is a signal for rejection. Keep the background clutter-free and tidy. Your background can also be used to your advantage. Let’s say you play chess. A wallpaper with a chess board on it can pique the interest of the interviewer who may then question you about it and you can then portray this as a hobby and speak at length on a topic that you are comfortable with.


Ensure Good Lighting

The lighting should be optimal, not too bright nor too dark. Face the light to give the interviewer a good view of yourself. And the app you use for communication most often comes with appearance boosting add-ons.


Net Connectivity

This point too is redundant, but let it serve as a reminder. Ensure that the net connection is optimal while taking, perhaps, the most important call of your future. The place that you choose to take the interview from should have a good network. Do not try to find a signal after the call starts. The interviewer may humor you at the time, but it will raise a red flag on your planning skills.


Body Language

Just because you are sitting within the safe confines of your home does not mean that you can slouch in your comfy chair. Sit upright, make eye contact with confidence and do not forget to smile.


Home Advantage

Remember you are still at your home; you can make that work to your advantage. Remember the chess wallpaper? Students can put post-it of small points on areas that do not cover the field of vision of the interviewer. But, do not overdo it. The interviewer should not feel that you are reading from a script.


Trial First

Make a trial run with your friends, family members or preferably a mentor. Scrutinize everything from the background to the lighting to your voice modulation.


A virtual interview will help you control several aspects of the interview. So, all the best.

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