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10 skills that only an MBA can give you

10 skills that only an MBA can give you

MBA is the numero uno professional degree program that gives the ability for a student to cultivate and mold their career in the best way possible. MBA aspirants keenly join MBA courses to understand real tactics of business and it also offers practical know-how of real-world business problems.

I have already answered as to why one should pursue an MBA in my previous blog post. So, what am I going to discuss today?

I am going to talk about the practical knowledge that a student will gain during his or her MBA routine which will increase their employability and in turn, help them get the best career opportunities. In short, skills that increase employability are those that will allow an MBA graduate to solve complicated problems in a hassle-free way.

So, what are these ‘employability skills’ that an MBA will give?

10 Employability Skills Gained by MBAs are:

  • Analysis
  • Academic Achievement
  • Commitment
  • Practicality
  • Capacity for Hard work
  • Communication Skills
  • Maturity
  • Intellectual Creativity
  • Decisiveness
  • Group Skills



“Distinguishing relevant from irrelevant information, identifying issues and problems is called Analysis”

One of the most important skills that distinguish a valuable resource from an ordinary resource is his or her ability to analyze situations even before they occur. Foresightedness is perhaps, the most important virtue of a manager/leader. Like we discussed in the previous, Business Acumen is something that makes you the employer’s favorite candidate because at the time of a crisis, you will be well prepared because you had already foreseen such a situation. Qualified MBA candidates are hired unanimously by recruiters, as a global financial crisis has forced them to change their focus, as far as expansion and change in company strategy are concerned. The curriculum has also changed with most of the top colleges putting stress on Change management, business ethics, sustainability and leadership skills.

'Sales are up so everyone is getting a bigger paycheck!'

Academic achievement

“Demonstrates application and high standards of performance.”

MBA is one of the toughest academic programmes in the world. Frankly, an ordinary mind cannot do it successfully. The students who complete their MBA successfully are the cream layer, and it shows their determination and commitment to their career. Anyone who does an MBA is clearly molded to be committed to the business, for in order to have the degree the candidate must have invested a lot of time and energy, which in itself is a proof of his or her determination to commitment. This academic achievement is not an ordinary feat at all. Those who are joining and completing their course are the ones demonstrating an application and high standards of performance. And this is expected instinctively by employers while they recruit you.

 'He's teaching me map skills, such as how to fold it.'


“Seriousness of purpose, demonstrated both by taking time out from your career on a reduced salary (or none) in order to improve your qualifications and by combining work and part-time study.”

Tunnel of commitment.

While your friends who finished graduation are applying for a job, you decided to sacrifice two years of well-paid opportunity to do something far greater. You will the money that you could have earned in these two years, but when you come out, you are much more equipped than your friends and will straight away start earning much more than them. This sacrifice depicts the commitment of an MBA student to his career.



“Realism, ability to set attainable goals.”

How many times have you heard this from people ‘Come on, be practical!’? Well, if you are not prepared then let me tell you very clearly- Being practical is the most important quality for people working in the business environment. A practical person always sets goals that are realistic and tries to achieve what is ideally practical, but never the other way round. Unlike technical courses which solely rely on ideal assumptions, the MBA programme only works within realistic limits. Thus, MBA graduates are automatically inculcating practicality in their skill sets which make them all the more popular at the time of recruitment. Like I mentioned earlier, after the global economic crisis, it was realized that the decision makers should be practical and not making calls based on ideal assumptions.



“tenacity, independence, organization”

Maturity isn’t something that one acquires with age, but with experience. At times, it takes employees years to attain maturity affects their decision-making capabilities, tenacity and organization skills. However, with MBA you can get the experience when you are studying. The course and its curriculum will shape your mind in such a way that you will attain maturity that is required for any kind of job in this world.

"...and if I do hire you...what's in it for me?"


“Fact-finding, skills, clarity, judgement, courage.”

Decisiveness is an art, honestly. A person who is able to find facts using his skills, and judge with clarity and courage to come up with the most productive solution with the least possible repercussions is a good decision maker. Making right decisions is the most significant trait needed in corporate business environments. Well, it is needed in every step and every minute of life, even in the smallest of matters. If you are planning to do an MBA, then you are already tuned to make right decisions. But make sure you do it from an internationally accredited and recognized Business School like Regenesys or Oxford. Through their intensive curriculum, they will give you all the necessary skillsets needed to boost your decisiveness.

Intellectual creativity

“The ability to develop new concepts and ideas.”

Intellectual creativity is the freedom to explore your interests in order to develop new concepts and ideas that are innovative and engaging. Every day, the corporate and business world looks for fresh and engaging innovations which can keep up with the growing needs and aspirations of the world.

It is possible that you might start out working at an FMCG organization such as Amazon and learn a lot about finance and banking that you might go on to change your domain later. When you have a deeper understanding of the complicated and sophisticated working of the business world, your intellectual creativity will help you make innovative decisions.


Communication skills

“listening, speaking carefully and clearly, the ability to put across your arguments fluently in writing.”

When a person who is recruiting sees an MBA on your resume, she will assume that you are already equipped with brilliant communication skills. Among the set of skills that employers consider primary during recruitment for business graduates for managerial positions is communication skills. Leadership, technical skills, and teamwork come secondary. Did you know that employers and recruiters rank communication skills three times more important than technical or managerial capabilities? This in itself tells you how important com skills are in a business environment. Throughout the MBA programme, maximum stress laid on improving communication skills of the student. Mark Tyler of Regenesys Business School reveals that they train students in the following areas:

  • 1. Oral skills
  • 2. Active listening skills
  • 3. Writing skills (for business communication)
  • 4. Presentation skills
  • 5. Group discussion skills
  • 6. That’s how we come to the next point, that of Group skills.


Group Skills

“teamwork, leadership, ability to motivate others.”

Group skills are one of the major criteria upon which a candidate is judged during the time of interview. Like mentioned before, comm skills and listening are two important part of this.


To Conclude

An MBA definitely does a lot more than just increase your job eligibility. It makes you the best pick of the employer for any kind of situations. So, you should definitely do an MBA, and it should be from a reputed and Internationally accredited institution like Regenesys Business School.