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5 reasons why you should do MBA and not any other post graduate programme

5 reasons why you should do MBA and not any other post graduate programme

We all agree with the fact that the prospect of getting to apex managerial positions has increased with the due course of time, however, conventional MBA has not remained what it used to be. But then, those of you who would do an MBA, trust me… your salaries will shoot up like anything. You can literally demand the salary in your mind at the time of recruitment. Your perks also increase accordingly.

An MBA gives a person the following:

  • 1.Confidence to work proficiently in the industry
  • 2.Learns about business strategies and concepts in the real world during the course
  • 3.Training and internship teach how to use their skills in day-to-day life

Now, these are just a handful of reasons why MBA has become the hottest educational pursuit in today’s date. All the top institutions in the world, from Harvard to Regenesys, conducts its own exclusive MBA programmes for students have the ambition to excel in the fields of manufacturing, business, entertainment, management, health, education and everything that comes under the roof. Now, this is a fact that the fast moving business and ever-growing technological advancements are making management education evolve with time. An MBA degree is the key that opens the gateway to reaching top positions in large MNCs. It is also needed by individuals who are looking forward to working with smaller organizations and startups.


How does MBA build your career?

An MBA degree unlocks the door to new boulevards and installs new skills in the person at their workplace, therefore, they become the recruiter and employer’s preferred candidates. MBA has immense potential for those people who are looking to change their career or trying for rapid vertical growth. In fact, there are companies that sponsor the BA education of their employees. Students without an MBA must be well aware of all the career opportunities that they will miss.

A student who does an MBA will have the following advantages over a non-MBA candidate:

  • 1. More credibility
  • 2. Higher commitment level
  • 3. Develops business acumen
  • 4. Prepares for leadership roles


How does MBA improve Credibility, you ask?

An MBA is a tough programme. An average mind cannot do it successfully, and even if he does, then it will never take him anywhere. However, those who successfully complete their MBA add a certain level of credibility to their resume as compared to those who didn’t do it, or didn’t complete it.

It is like one of those things makes an MBA fresher stand out from a crowd of regular candidates. This is the reason why an MBA fresher gets twice the salary package than that of Btech/BBA graduate with 5 years of experience.


How does MBA determine your Commitment level?

Anyone who does an MBA is clearly molded to be committed to the business, for in order to have the degree the candidate must have invested a lot of time and energy, which in itself is a proof of his or her determination to commitment.

Not only does an MBA add credibility but the education also broadens your perspective about the world. This helps you to add more skills to your kitty and the skills will help you become innovative. An innovative individual is the most sought after candidate in any reputed organization, and its innovation and out of the box thinking that helps candidates grow.

An MBA also indicates that you have also mastered a certain level of knowledge in business management. It gives you the ability to speak confidently to executives outside business. And this especially applies to the IT field. Because Information technology has become an integral part of every business, having knowledge in this field helps you to explain technical solutions to your colleagues who are from non-IT fields.

Business Acumen, what’s that?

“Business acumen is keenness and quickness in understanding and dealing with a business situation in a manner that is likely to lead to a good outcome.”

Business people and technical class people are completely different from each other. Unlike technical people, business people think in terms of strategies, values and human responses, in short, they are always dealing with a business situation. On the other hand, technical people always think in a linear fashion and their responses are very much predictable, because they are always in an arithmetic progression. The business minded person relies more on numbers, trial & errors, and on facts. So, this ability to think like a business person is very important in an organization. Therefore, an MBA is a must for a technical person as it will help them grow and master both skills. An employee with Technical expertise and Business Acumen is a deadly combination and will definitely go far and high in their career.


How does MBA make you a leader?

It is observed for a fact that people with an MBA degree are smarter than the ones without it. Like I mentioned before, they exhibit more credibility, commitment, acumen and of course all this leads to better leadership. They are able to handle any business situation, no matter how good or worse they are, in the most practical and near-perfect manner. An MBA provides the students with many analytical abilities like:

  • 1. Risk assessment
  • 2. Cost-benefit analyses
  • 3. Strategic plans and implementation

An MBA enables you to develop an approach which is necessary to have an edge over others in such an academic environment which is highly demanding. As one course is related to another in one way or the other, the skills that you learn during your MBA can be applied anywhere and at anytime in life.

How does MBA help you grow vertically?

Leadership abilities are so important to an employee who wants to grow vertically that many reputed B-Schools like Regenesys Business School, in fact, gives the student a series of workshop on leadership foundation.

Some of the skills that are focused on are:

  • 1. Communication techniques
  • 2. Personal Branding
  • 3. Powerhouse Presenting
  • 4. Self-assessment
  • 5. Team Facilitation

Qualified MBA candidates are hired unanimously by recruiters, as the global financial crisis has forced them to change their focus, as far as expansion and change in company strategy are concerned. The curriculum has also changed with most of the top colleges putting stress on Change management, business ethics, sustainability and leadership skills.


To Conclude

An MBA hones the skills of an individual and grooms his or her personality. More importantly, it helps you discover the ‘real you’. It helps you to think in the right direction. Of course, whatever goals you had before joining MBA might change afterwards, but that is because you become wiser and your mind opens up because of the MBA. The classroom environment, peer interaction and mentors change your outlook.

An MBA infuses independent and organized thinking into the students that will help them handle situations later on.