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8 reasons why you should choose South Africa over USA or Europe as your study destination.

8 reasons why you should choose South Africa over USA or Europe as your study destination

The academic world is full of opportunities and in order to achieve something even better, people are picking up foreign countries to learn the skills of technology and trade. When the world is headed to the most obvious picks to study overseas – USA, Europe, Australia – take a leap of faith and opt for South Africa, for what you will discover and learn there, no other country in the world can teach you. Read below to gain an insight on what South Africa has to offer!

1. World-class education

South Africa is the latest emerging destination for higher education, with some of the world’s best faculty and competitive courses. It reserves 10% of its budget for higher education and is on its way to becoming one of the most sought-after destinations for education.

2. No language barrier

Schools in South Africa teach English from grade 1 and most of the population understands and speaks English. It is the language of local exchange and education. With 11 national languages, South Africa also offers the opportunity to learn new languages.

3. Attractive courses

All top universities in the country, including but not limited to University of the Free State, University of Cape Town, The Regenesys Business School, University of Johannesburg, Rhodes University, amongst others, offer courses on a wide range of subjects in some of the world’s most scenic campuses.

4. Economically sound

South Africa is the most economically powerful country on the entire African continent. As such, it is also one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the world. It is a stable and progressive country with great career opportunities.

5. Global opportunities

Studying in South Africa opens up opportunities to develop a truly global career. Its progressive environment offers a sound stage for developing startups and taking the risks one must take at the beginning of their career. It also opens doors to work in other countries and gain valuable skills.

6. Passion for adventure

Your university days are some of the most exciting times for travel and adventure. For the lovers of adventure, there’s no better place than South Africa! Dive with great white sharks, ride an ostrich, climb mountains and spot whales, there’s no dearth of unique experiences that only South Africa can offer.

7. Easy traveling

With a developed economy and Africa’s best railway, travelling in South Africa is a piece of cake. Each new holiday at the university thus comes with the possibility of a new vacation. With the luxurious Blue Train, you too can travel like nobles, have your own marble-tiled bathrooms and temperature controlled units and a staff to accommodate all your needs.

8. Competitive Exchange Rates

South Africa’s currency is the rand. A single rand is equal to about INR 4.3. At such competitive rates, living, studying and travelling costs are very affordable.

So when are you making your move?