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8 things that you can do if you did not score well in your 12th examinations

8 things that you can do if you did not score well in your 12th examinations

The 12th exam results are here finally, and the long wait is over. All the fun and frolic you had during your last school summer vacation has come to an abrupt end. Those who scored well, they will be all excited and looking forward to the first cut-off lists or counseling sprees.

But of course, if you had scored above 80%, you would not be reading this blog post.


What is the hype about 12th results?

Why so much hoopla around how much a kid scored in board exams?

Of course, it is the last exam one would be giving in their school life, and one moves to the next level of life. Then why get stuck in that previous step? Its time to move ahead, to take the next step, regardless of how you fared in the previous one.


Look ahead. What are your options now?

It’s time to choose the right course and college which will shape your career and future. These are the more important decisions than pondering over 12th results.

Students usually come to me asking what to do because they scored less than 70% in their 12th  board exams. I actually start wondering why they are taking these numbers so seriously. Nobody is going to ask you how much you had scored in 12th after 4 years. Not at your placement interview nor at your wedding reception, then why ask this question now and waste valuable time?

“Not at your placement interview nor at your wedding reception, then why ask this question now and waste valuable time?”

What should you do if you scored very less in 12th exams?

Now that the damage has already been done, let’s not get into the nitpicking. What’s done is done. You do not want to wait another year to break your records, right? That would be really foolish. In a nutshell, you should:

  1. Meditate
  2. Recover
  3. Talk about future prospects
  4. R&D
  5. Choose the right course
  6. Eat & Play
  7. Join the right college
  8. Start a new life

Let’s talk about each of the points in detail now.

Relax, breath, Mediate

Like every storm is followed by a long silence of the sea, so should your disastrous 12th result.  If you were already expecting low marks, then it should not have been a shocker to you, but if you were expecting good or decently better scores and the results show otherwise… then definitely it must have come like a kick in the back. So, let’s just take a few steps back, sit down and relax.

Deep breathing and meditation is the best way to bring your mind in focus. It gives inner peace and you will be able to move beyond the chaotic commotion that your mind and social circle is giving you. Once you are in that peaceful state, ask yourself, what is that you should do now… and your mind in all its consciousness will give you the answer… to focus on a graduation course that will give you the best career after 3 years.


Recover from the tremors

The brief meditation session will give you the strength to get over the dismal performance of your past. These marks are just indicators of a series of tests, and that’s it.

But do you think that these tests are what decides your life? Are these test results life-changing?

The answer is NO! Of course, these numbers are important as it helps you choose the next step. But there are many who score well till 12th but then take the wrong step by choosing the wrong course and wrong college for higher studies.

Do you want to know which course you should choose and from which college?mThen read on…


Talk about the best course with right people

Merely talking about your future dreams or asking doubts from people does not help you. It could be a waste of time, and in fact, guidance from wrong people can actually mess up your whole life. So, talk to the right people. Talk to career counselors if you know any. You can book a free appointment with International career counselor by clicking here. Earlier, many of the commerce opted for BCom after 12th, but that was because students did not have any good option for management studies. Nowadays, India has become an important commercial center in Asia and there are many reputed B-Schools and Management Colleges in top cities. With better job prospects in India and abroad, it is more advisable to study BBA than BCom.


Do research online and offline

Once you have talked to the right people you will get a fair idea of the best courses and college to pursue your higher studies. However, do not always believe what you are being told. You have the vast ocean of resources called the internet! Do your research. Go to the college website and cross check all details that have been told to you. Make a call on the number, take an appointment and visit the campus. If you want to get into corporate or start your own business in future, then you should probably do an MBA. And it is always better to do BBA or BBM if you are aiming for an MBA.

Choosing the right course
It is a known fact that India is one of the future superpowers, but then India lacks the right tools to create skilled employees for the future. Even if India becomes a superpower, your degree from an Indian college will only get you lower level jobs in big corporates.

On the other hand, studying abroad means taking an educational loan, spending all the savings of your parents, cutting on pocket money & expenses, and when you go abroad you will be driving taxis or cleaning restaurants to earn money. Is that what you want? A normal bachelor’s programme from a lower grade college from a country like the USA will cost you up to Rs. 15 Lakhs per semester, and then a heavy cost of living that will add up to another 4-5 lakh rupees for a year. At the end of 3 years, you will end up spending more than half a crore rupees and will be standing in long queues for a job. Ultimately you will come back to India because the economic downfall of the USA and other developed countries is forcing them to cut down on immigrants. You will not get more than 5 Lakhs Salary, and your education loan will eat away your savings if any.

I was only talking about lower grade colleges because the A-grade colleges won’t let anyone in who has scored less than 95%. So, why study in such a country?

I would rather suggest you to study Multicountry courses, wherein you will get exposure of not just your home country but also of other countries. If you are targeting to get into top MNCs after 4 years, then you must think wisely. Instead of going to a developed nation, go to an emerging nation. And at this moment, there are only three names: India, South Africa & Brazil, three of the world’s emerging economies. In Brazil, you will find language problems as they do not understand English, while in India & South Africa, English will be your added advantage.

So, go for a degree course that will let you study in India & South Africa. This will give you an opportunity to work in either of the two countries after graduation. Since the cost of living is very nominal in South Africa, you will not even have to apply for loan. To learn about a loanless BBA course in South Africa’s Rank 4 B-School, click here.

See, if you are getting scholarships, then you should definitely apply. An internationally accredited Multicountry BBA programme should cost you around 15-18 Lakhs for three years, and then a marginal cost of living.


Eat & Play
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. This is an age-old saying and rightly so. After your research, you will have some time to spend before the college starts. Eat as much as you can (eat healthy, though!) and play and travel, go on a vacation, coz this might be the last one of its kind.

And since it is summer, and this year the heat is scorchingly cruel, eat a lot of fibers and drink of water. Read some good books. Light hearted books like Swami & Friends, How I taught my grandmother to read, Feluda, When Strangers Meet, The Alchemist etc. It will not only give you a breezy time during summer afternoons when you can’t go out, but also help you build your vocabulary.


Join the right college
After all the research and counseling, you will be getting calls from different colleges wherever you applied, based on your interview and aptitude. Now, it is critical time. The decision you make will make or break your life. This crucial time should be taken seriously. You may not have an endless list of colleges, but a handful nevertheless. Here are few things that you should see while choosing the right college:

Should be multiple internationally accredited by bodies like CHE, AACSB, ISO etc.
Make sure that it is internationally ranked.
Check if they are giving accommodation.
Should give you international exposure.
Make sure all fee details are transparent
Should be able to give you placement in top MNCs in India or abroad.
Multi-country course should have campuses in commercially viable cities of that country, like Mumbai or Bangalore in India or Hong Kong or Johannesburg in South Africa etc.
Look if they are giving scholarship opportunities

To Conclude

Keep these points in mind and choose the best option that you get. Remember that choosing the best B-School can be difficult, but have faith in yourself. Keep calm and choose the right course from the right college.

Given below are a list of 3 top B-Schools that give Internationally accredited Multicountry BBA courses:

Regenesys Business School: India, UAE & South Africa (Rank 4)
IAU College: Spain, France, Morocco
Itau, Brazil
Now that you know what to look for and where, simply register with these colleges and build your career, your future will be bright.