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AI and the Traditional Education System

AI and the Traditional Education System:

Technology has transformed everything around us, from how we live to our workspaces. However, there is a sector which still largely remains unchanged: education. I believe that this scenario is going to change soon because of artificial intelligence. The change is going to be gradual, but it is happening as we talk. Soon, we will see the traditional education system making way for digitized education.

End of Grading System:

Today, be it school or higher education, our education largely depends on the grading system. This system is not just tedious but also time-consuming for teachers. Our professors are so caught up in these trivial activities that they are not able to focus on teaching. However, we are nearing the era when the AI will completely automate the grading system.

An Alternative to Teachers:

Today, we often hear various institutes complain about the lack of competent faculty. It would be preposterous to say that artificial intelligence can eliminate human interaction in classrooms. But, AI can come in handy where there’s a lack of faculty. Here, the experienced faculty members can act as facilitators and assist AI wherever it falls short. Few universities have already started experimenting with AI chatbots to deliver lectures.

Customized Curriculum:

In recent years, traditional higher education has seen a facelift. A plethora of online courses and customized learning applications have cropped up. The future of education is here. Soon, we will have tailored curriculums especially designed for meeting the learning capabilities and understanding of each student. The traditional textbook form of training will make way for innovative and disruptive learning.

Artificial intelligence is disrupting our education system in more ways than we know. It’s high time our policymakers understand that AI isn’t a dystopian version from sci-fi movies. According to me, AI is here; it is our present. They need to frame policies such that future education has the best of both worlds: the traditional and modern. 

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