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All About Simulation Based Training Courses

All about Simulation based Training Courses

In recent years, be it companies, job consultants, or technology enthusiasts, everyone seems to be talking about Simulation. Management institutes have also jumped onto the bandwagon and begun offering simulation-based training courses. It is a form of specialized training, which provides students with a virtual experience for a real-life situation. Such a practice instils confidence and goes a long way in enhancing their skills, awareness, and overall performance during the actual execution of a task.

The best aspect of simulation-based training courses is that industry experts design them. They put in their experience and skills into creating the course. Such a course is best suited for students who are seeking an MBA with guaranteed placement. It will not just help them stand-out but also accelerate their career.   

Well-trained Students:

Thanks to the rapid technological advancements, we need to move past well-informed students and work on nurturing well-trained professionals. It is possible by changing our focus from learning to training. Such a shift is possible only if the focus is on: how will students benefit from the course? How would they react to a situation in the real-world scenario? Some of the best MBA schools in India are trying to work on answers to these questions and developing specialized curricula. They are gradually making simulation-based training courses mainstream and starting a wave of well-trained students.

Debriefing Session:

Simulation-based training is essential for offering a real-life experience to students, but no amount of training will help if a debriefing session doesn’t follow it. Such a session can be organized to replay the recorded pieces of training and illustrate the performance of the participants. This must be done in an organized and structured manner for giving participants a reflective analysis of their behaviour and decisions. It helps participants to develop confidence and offers them with the necessary experience to deal in various situations.

We, at Regenesys, believe in innovation and rethinking. In our quest to stay abreast of the changing trends, we have launched simulation-based training courses. Our pedagogical methods are focussed on logical and creative learning. Curious minds can reach out to us @ communication@regenesys.in .

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