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An MBA programme should make you an all-rounder

An MBA programme should make you an all-rounder

Have you noticed these days, parents of children aged 6 and above are ensuring they put their wards in different types of classes? Some of the most common classes that I have come across are Cuemath (To nurture the mathematician in a child), Phonetics (To improve English Pronunciation), Lego (To promote fine motor skills), Drawing & Crafts, Music & Dance, Yoga in addition to School Tuition classes.

I have often wondered why these children get dragged to so many classes and what is the intention of the parents. Recently, a mother of a 6-year-old was telling me that she would like for her child to be an ALL-ROUNDER. In simple language, education mattered but honing their creative skills through Art classes, caring for their physical fitness by enrolling them for a particular Sport, helping them to improve their thinking and analysis skill through Lego and Cue math sessions was important for the child’s development and growth.

What relevance does this have to an MBA programme?

Development be it for a 6-year-old or a 24-year-old has to be holistic. At an MBA level as well, students need opportunities to use and improvise their

  • SOFT SKILLS and so on.

They also need to be given opportunities to care for their physical fitness. This will help them become an ALL-ROUNDER and use all their skills and abilities to their fullest.


How many B-schools do any or all of this?

B-schools globally since 2006 have been looking at bringing innovation and novelty to their programmes. For example, there are B-schools that are stepping the pedal on introducing arts into the curriculum. Students are taught Leadership and Team work through a Theater class. That is one of the most profound ways to help a student connect with their emotions and help them understand that all the players need to be totally committed as team players to make the show a success.

However, there are very few B-Schools that are leading the way and showing that it is important to provide avenues for the student to use his right and left side of his brain and help him/her to be an ALL-ROUNDER.

At Regenesys, our MBA curriculum encompasses an array of activities for the students that include Community Development Project, Yoga & Zumba, Two Internships in India & South Africa, Interactions with Industry Experts and much more. Subject Lectures include various tasks and activities assigned by the faculty that demand creative and analytical thinking. All of this is aimed at making each of our student an ALL-ROUNDER.

To know more about our MCMBA programme, you can reach me at sandyaj@regenesys.in ( Prof.Sandya Jadhav, Senior Faculty ,Regenesys Institute of Management)

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