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Blog | Are you Job-Ready? Find Out Now!

Are you Job-Ready? Find Out Now!

Pursuing management education from one of the leading International MBA colleges is a dream come true for many. MBA aspirants go to extreme lengths for getting the coveted ‘International’ tag on their CV. However, one of their biggest struggles begin after completing their higher education. 

Gone are the days, when companies hired based on an institute's curriculum or its brand value. Today, it’s all about skills and job-readiness. If you’re not skilled, then you will not be preferred for the position. So, are you job-ready? Let’s find out. 

Job Understanding:

Most students focus on acquiring theoretical knowledge. While it is suited for securing good marks, it holds no value in real-world scenarios. If you are in a leadership position, everyone expects you to deliver. Therefore, your job-readiness can be assessed by your understanding of the job. You must know the practical and technical side of your job role. 

Market Expectations: 

While technical knowledge is important, you must also keep up with the changing times. It is also the responsibility of MBA institutes to prepare students for meeting the market expectations. Given the rapid technological advancements, companies want job-ready employees with minimal or no need for on-job training. You can enrol in specialised courses for understanding emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain, and big data. It will drastically improve your chances to secure a job. 

People Skills: 

Often people focus on filling the skill and tech gap but fail to work on their people skills. You might have all the world’s knowledge and technical skills, but if you lack people skills, then you might not even make it through the job interview. However, if you have the necessary people skills, they may not just get direct admission in MBA, but even excel in your job. So, what are people skills?  

People skills are an assortment of attributes and core competencies, which help you deal effortlessly with others. It can be as simple as how you meet and greet people to your skills to resolve differences between two teams of your company. So, these were some of the key parameters to assess job-readiness.

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