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Avoiding academic and cultural shock: how a multi country MBA can help you adjust to a new country.

Avoiding academic and cultural shock: how a multi country MBA can help you adjust to a new country.

Avoiding academic and cultural shock: how a multi country MBA can help you adjust to a new country.
What is culture shock?
"a sense of confusion and uncertainty sometimes with feelings of anxiety that may affect people exposed to an alien culture or environment without adequate preparation"

[ https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/culture shock]
When you leave home and arrive in a strange country , it can be quite disorentating , and everything seems rather strange and you can feel uncertain, lonely and sometimes a little bit scared.
Academically there normally also has to be quite a lot of adjustment with regards to different methods and procedures, and in general a different ways of doing things.

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Academic Orientation
Every institution has their own unique way of  preparing and delivering their modules and courses. 
This can sometimes be quite an adjustment as you settle in and get used to these different ways. It sometimes takes a little while to adjust to this, and together with the new enviroment and the diverse students, this can take some getting used to!
Its very very important that you acclimatise as soon as possible, or your academic performance  (and your happiness ) can be compromised.
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Cultural Orientation
Mandy Schmidt, in her article ‘how to deal with culture shock while studying abroad [ https://www.gooverseas.com/blog/how-to-deal-with-culture-shock-while-studying-abroad] gives some useful tips on how to minimise or avoid suffering from cultural shock.
Do lots of homework on your new country.                       
Its important to read up as much as possible. Read as much as you can about the country as well as the institution that you will be studying at. Also learn as much as you can about how people interact as well as the culture elements..
Discuss any doubts with your Education  Counseller.                             
Its important to take time to chat about your doubts and concerns 
Set Learning Goals for your study abroad 
(remember to include learning about your host country culture – as well as your academic study goals)
When you first get there write down what you love 
(When you feel a bit discouraged – look at it again)
Find a Healthy distraction
   Take some time for yourself and practice a hobby or pastime – or    learn a new one !
How a Multi Country MBA can help overcome some of these hurdles that you might face when studying abroad.
Suraj Sen[ https://www.quora.com/profile/Suraj-Sen-25], a prolific forum writer, blogger and a former MBA student of Regensesys Business School ( a premium business school based in Sandton South Africa, with a campus in Navi Mumbai)[ https://www.regenesys.in/ & https://www.regenesys.net/], had the following to say about the multi country MBA offered by Regenesys.
" I found that first doing my Post Graduate Diploma in Business Mangement (PDBM) at the campus of the MBA College in Mumbai where we got used to the way of teaching and the material as well. Also they have very knowledgable visiting faculty from South Africa who help us to get used to a more international way of speaking , presenting and learning.  They also gave us grooming and business communication classes, Digital Marketing classes as a free value add on,  and prepared us very well for placements.
The education counsellers are also were very up to date, and really made me feel at ease. When we got to South Africa to start our MBA , there were Indian Faculty who were there to guide us with issues such as accomodation and culture (and where to get the most  awesome Indian food and spices )"
In summary, going to a new country can be exciting but also can also be a bit daunting sometimes.
So do your homework and preparation and make sure that when you are looking at options for a multi country MBA, there are a number of questions you should be asking yourself:-
Does the prospective business school give you a holistic education  (Not just the academic delivery but also grooming , business communication and english lessons, 100% placement assistance and provide a range of guest lecturers who coach you on achieving success in your quest for the top placements?
Do they have a presence in both your country as well as the host country?
Is the business school ranked highly in the host country?
Are their counsellors up to date and knowledgeable  about the host country and culture?
Article written by Prof. Andrew Geddie, Senior Lecturer, Regenesys Institute of Management. For any queries or comments, please write to me at andrewg@regenesy.co.za.