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Blog on Can an MBA Degree Make you Recession-Proof?

Can an MBA degree make you recession-proof?

The ‘R’ word has already started making rounds in magazines, social media, news channels, and in our everyday conversations. World leaders have shown concerns about the economy. And, economists believe that this recession is going to be the worst we have seen till date. Millions of people across the world have lost their jobs, thousands of companies are on the verge of shutting down, and all of this when the world has just entered into the recession. As the world battles with Covid-19 and braces itself for the recession, MBA students have their own struggles. Amidst the growing signs of slowdown, if you are worried if your MBA degree is recession-proof, then don’t worry, you’re not alone.

If you go by the traditional wisdom, then as bad as it may sound, recession is good news for MBA institutes. Because this is the time when people lose jobs and tend to get into higher education. But, if you’re wondering whether your management degree is recession-proof, then you should ask yourself, the following questions.

Does the MBA degree make you job-ready?

During normal circumstances, companies have no qualms in offering on-job-training to new employees, but during turbulent times, they prefer hiring individuals who are job-ready. So, you need to ask yourself, am I going to be job-ready post my management course? You might be pursuing one of the best MBA courses in demand, but the key is to have all the skills necessary to be placed after your degree.

Does your MBA offer specialised courses?

Gone are the days, when merely enrolling for a management programme would ensure jobs. Times have changed and so has the market perception about management programmes. Today, industry leaders expect employees to have specialised courses. For instance, a short digital marketing programme would be a great addition to your MBA. It will boost your profile and increase your chances of getting hired by prospective employers.

Does your college offer job placement assurance?

While there are top B-schools who offer guaranteed placements, but sadly they don’t offer direct admission in MBA. Their entrance exams are amongst the toughest in the industry. If you can’t make it to the top colleges, then you shouldn’t compromise for enrolling in a college without placement assurance. It is always advisable to have a college, which assists you to get placed in one of its partner companies.

Recession is here to stay for at least a year and even after that the economy isn’t going to have a ‘V’ shaped reversal. Therefore, at Regenesys, we prepare our students for the future. Our pedagogy has been designed to assist them to clear job interviews and get placed in top companies irrespective of global circumstances. To know more about our courses, reach us at communication@regenesys.in

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