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Blog on Can we gamify the higher Education?

Can we gamify the higher Education?

Most of us relate higher education to endless lectures and PowerPoint presentations. Now, imagine you could learn while you were having loads of fun. Yes. You read it right. It has been made possible through ‘Gamification’. Now, you may have heard this term. But, it’s still an alien term for most higher education students. In this form of learning, learning takes place with the help of immersive experiences. There can’t be a better way to educate students other than letting than engage in some fun-filled activities. In this article, we will discuss how can we gamify the higher education.

Gamification of Technical Concepts:

You may be the best and the most attentive student in class, but there always comes a point, when a technical concept is being taught in the class, and you simply can’t take it anymore. It may be due to technicality involved in the subject or the duration of the lecture, but the end result is that you would end up missing the concept. However, with the help of gamifying these technical concepts, educators can make them interesting and easy to retain. Some educators from International MBA colleges have been using simulation-based teaching tools to make the education process immersive and interactive.

Educational Video Games:

If we want to gamify higher education, then we must begin right from the scratch. All the concerned stakeholders have to come together and bring about a change in the curriculum and pedagogy. For starters, we can introduce educational video games in the curriculum. Well, who doesn’t love to play some games? These games will have instant feedback system and rewards for those who get it right. We live in a generation where everyone is seeking for instant gratification. So, how about best MBA courses in demand have such educational video games to make higher education engaging. It will train students to continue persevering despite failures.

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