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Challenge your way out of Setbacks

Challenge your way out of Setbacks

Find me one grown person who has never suffered a setback and I will show you paradise.

Not one living person past the age of 7 can say that they have never faced failure. Why then do we all ask the question “Why me”? We know for a fact that it’s not just us. How can we then get out of this negative zone and become better?

The Simple answer is to challenge your-self. Push yourself, if needed forcibly, out of your comfort zone. Try a less beaten path. Get on that stage and face your fears. Learn new skills; gain abilities that you did not have. Increase your base of knowledge by taking advantage of every opportunity that comes your way.

Take a course that does more than just award you a degree. Find one that focuses on honing your skills, polishing your personality and making you the best version of yourself. Aim for holistic development, which means you need to widen your scope beyond IQ (intelligence quotient) and explore emotional intelligence, and upgrade your EQ (Emotional Quotient), Introspect and focus on yourself and boost your SQ (Spiritual Quotient) and stay healthy, since a sound mind can only reside in a healthy body, thus taking care of your PQ (physical quotient)

Challenge yourself to be better, well read, well groomed, up to date, confident, have an edge over your peers, stand out of the crowd, and not to settle for the common course of action that everyone is following as part of the rat race.

Remember the famous lines by the world known poet Robert Frost- “Two roads diverged in a wood and I - I took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference.”



Do not fear the new, the different, since this age and era demands people who are non-standard. The world needs leaders who can think differently. There is only space for growth for the doers and go-getters.

It is time to take steps for yourself that will enable you to be future ready. It is now time to choose that path that will allow you to become a person of value to those around you, on both levels- personal and professional.

One such opportunity presents itself in the form of a Multi-Country MBA at Regenesys. To know more about the programme, you can write to me at surbhij@regenesys.in (Dr. Surbhi Jain, Academic Head-India, Regenesys Institute of Management)

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