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Blog on Changing MBA Job Trends in 2020

Changing MBA Job Trends in 2020

There is good news and not-so-good news for MBA grads in 2020. First the good news: The demand for MBA programmes isn’t going to fade anytime soon. The not-so-good news is that traditional MBA programmes will become passé and they will make way for skill-based MBA programmes. The MBA job trends in 2020 will be heavily focused on filling the tech gap. According to me, here are some of the top trends in 2020.

Big & AI will be highly demanded:

World is changing at a rapid pace. In a technologically driven era, companies will look for MBA grads with AI, big data and IoT knowledge. This will particularly impact companies in developed economies where competitive environments will force them to innovate and restructure their strategies. Of course, MBA grads wouldn’t be expected to be proficient in these technologies. But, they would have to understand the importance of these emerging technologies for ensuring 24/7 support to customers and services.

International MBA: A Paradigm Shift

I believe that there will be a paradigm shift in the perception of International MBA programmes by companies across the globe. The preferred destinations of MBA grads have already started changing. They are choosing countries like Nigeria, South Africa and Spain over countries like the U.S, UK and Australia. This year, we will see that even companies will hire MBA grads from these relatively lesser-opted countries.

Business Data Analytics:

Someone rightly said, “Data is the new Oil”. The explosion has led to a growing need for data analysts. While AI has been a great help in analyzing data, companies will continue looking for data analysts who are able to create patterns by analyzing data and assisting them with critical decisions.  

To conclude, I just want to advice MBA grads to follow the changing trends. And they primarily point at one direction: Technology. MBA students have to acquaint with the emerging technologies mentioned above. These technologies will help them land dream jobs in leading companies.

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