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Classroom learning is not enough for an MBA graduate

Classroom learning is not enough for an MBA graduate

MBA Students filing in and out of class for various lectures throughout the day used to be a common scene in the 1980’s. Visits to factories or field visits used to be a bonus. Shift to a scene played out in the middle of 2015 when classroom learning forms only about 50% of the learning curriculum. The rest of the curriculum focusses on live projects, internships, practical workshops, activities that encourage development of necessary skill set etc.

This article talks about why the shift has happened and why this pedagogy will become a pre –requisite for all Management Institutions in the future. 

Skills are the necessity of the decade 

My recent interaction with a Marketing Manager in an MNC brought to light the essential ammunitions necessary for him to perform well on the job apart from an MBA degree. They are as follows:

  1. His ability to orally communicate well with his clients and peers not only helps him deliver results but also helps in establishing rapport and building a social network. This network will be very helpful in building his professional career.
  2. Though he comes from an MBA education that was devoid of any digital marketing courses, his current role requires him to upgrade his skills and as a result he took a couple of digital marketing courses to upgrade himself. He says continually upgrading one’s skillset as per the industry requirement is a bare necessity.
  3. A part of his role requires him to handle events and he says over a period of time the whole process of event management requires better project management and time management skills. He has been trying to figure out ways and means to learn these skills on the job to perform effectively
  4. Writing – be it a presentation or an emailer or a white paper. He says while there are copywriters to write content ,checking the content and ensuring it conveys what it has to convey requires him to have a basic knowledge of writing.

One can note that all the above abilities he has highlighted are actually SKILLS that one is expected to have to perform well on the job. They are also the reasons why MBA graduates these days are exposed to more than just classroom learning so that when they graduate they are equipped with the basic skill set.

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