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Conscious leaders should emerge from an MBA programme

Conscious leaders should emerge from an MBA programme

As a faculty in an International Business School, once a week we are expected to be a part of a learning and development session with co-academic members. One of the objectives of this session is to look at ways and means to effectively contribute to a student’s development through innovative teaching methodologies.

In a recent session, the team was discussing about one of the most essential attributes expected from an MBA student at this time an age and that is ‘Conscious leadership’.

What is Conscious Leadership?

According to Dr. Cheryl Moen Vermey, President and CEO of EnVision Coaching Inc. ‘Conscious leadership is bringing one’s whole self and with total awareness to your leadership position. It requires authenticity to be who you really are. Conscious leaders focus on the “we” rather than the “me” and realize that their role is to create a culture of trust, care and expansive influence’.

Dr. Cheryl states an example of her client a new CEO, who is very competent, strategic and goal oriented towards organizational achievement. And, he is listening challenged, as became apparent in the coaching sessions and revealed in his 360 assessment. He is so focused on what he is saying, he is not aware of others around him, and it is affecting all of his relationships, threatening his leadership. Focusing on conscious awareness has turned his life around.

Joelle Jackson is a certified international life and leadership coach and a small business owner at Plus 1 Consulting. She highlights five qualities of a Conscious leader in her article for ATD (Association for Talent Development). They are:

  • Self awareness
  • Win-Win for both employee and leader
  • Everything is a learning opportunity
  • Reconciling differences
  • Wisdom



                       Conscious Leader is filled with Hope,Trust,Compassion & Stability

The question is how can B-schools harness opportunities to develop these traits in MBA students?

As a faculty when I look at ways to develop the above mentioned Conscious leader traits in my students, I can think of the following

  • At the start of the MBA programme, students are given a briefing of the five traits and their mandate is to exercise them through the entire academic year across their classes, projects, assignments, interactions etc.
  • Lead by practice is another way. By exercising these traits myself I would be in a better position to preach and groom the students.
  • Students overall performance on these parameters can be assessed through a conscious leadership rating scale and should also contribute to their overall marks.
  • Asking students to do a comparative study of other leadership models and Conscious leadership model will help them understand how they stand to gain from being a Conscious Leader
  • Regular communication of benefits this leadership model offers to build their professional career and manage it effectively can be highlighted. Real-life examples along with interactive sessions with Conscious leaders can lead the way.


In conclusion, B-schools should focus continually on ways and means to improve the attributes of the MBA students which is the need of the hour.

At Regenesys, we exactly do that. We are constantly innovating and looking at creative ways to build attributes of our MBA students and build it into the student’s academic calendar to make them 100% Career ready. To know more about Regenesys’s MBA programme you can write to me at sandyaj@regenesys.in ( Prof.Sandya Jadhav, Senior Faculty, Regenesys Institute of Management)