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Critical Thinking an Essential Attribute of an MBA Graduate

Critical Thinking an Essential Attribute of an MBA Graduate

As an International Business School we are constantly looking at ways and means to improve the attributes of our MBA students.

One of the attributes that requires honing recently came to light during a brainstorming session and it was CRITICAL THINKING. Dr. Dennis Laxton in his paper on ‘Writing Assignments, essays and arguments’ says that ‘To think critically is to analyze, and to evaluate the world around us and more specifically, in the context of university studies, the arguments set forth by academics, researchers, and commentators in lectures, notes and articles’.

Now why is this a requisite for an MBA graduate? How does critical thinking help business?

According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, an analysis by Indeed.com found that mentions for critical thinking in job postings have doubled since 2009. Hence it is requisite for business schools to build this into their students who will soon be ready for placement.

                         Critical Thinking will soon be a necessity

Secondly managerial roles, be it at entry level, middle level or even top management involves varying degrees of decision making. Critical thinking is essential tool to make decisions. A constructive way to think is something that business schools should proactively work on to build sound managers out of their MBA students.

Lastly how does it help businesses if all or most their employees are thinking critically?

  • For starters it improves the bottom line
  • It helps organizations to be more open minded
  • It aids the growth of the organization
  • Prevents an organization from settling into a comfort zone and much more


Interestingly enough if Business Schools encourage CRITICAL THINKING, they can aid in the creation of Darwin’s and Einstein’s in MANAGEMENT.

The MBA programme at Regenesys has been focusing on encouraging CRITICAL THINKING in it’s own small way to create nextgen managers with this powerful skill. How? Through

  • Guiding class interactions directed towards critical thinking
  • Providing digital assessments that requires individual thinking and discourages group thinking
  • Project creation and implementation from scratch in various fields like Cultural and Social projects
  • Placement in internship roles that require critical thinking  and much more


To know more about our MCMBA programme, you can write to me at sandyaj@regenesys.in ( Prof.Sandya Jadhav, Senior Faculty, Regenesys Institute of Management)

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