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Data Science Careers You Should Know About

Data Science Careers You Should Know About

The most important thing for a student is his/her career. Career takes a majority of our day to daytime, and passion for doing different things makes young students take different career paths. One of the career paths on the rise these days is in the Data Science. A Data Science is undoubtedly one of the best career any science and engineering graduate can pursue. So, what does a Data Scientist need to know and do?

A Data Scientist knows how to extract meaning/insight from the data and interpret it. This requires tools and methods from different domains. Data Scientist must be proficient in multiple programming languages, e.g. R, Python, MATLAB® and SQL, etc.

A Data Scientist must have a good mathematical foundation, specifically the topics in the following visual (see Figure 1).

Figure 1. Mathematical topics in Data Science.

In parallel to mathematics, machine learning, and programming languages, one must have a good knowledge and understanding of the domain, which is very important for Feature Engineering. Based on the problem and data in hand, a Data Scientist needs to formulate questions and answer those questions by working on the data. A Data Scientist should be flexible enough in his/her approach to modify and rethink on the question and rework on the Data Science pipeline. Reproducible research and storytelling are the other important skills a Data Scientist must possess.

Across the globe, Data Scientist job has a high median salary and high satisfaction score , which further makes this a popular career path. Data Scientist is at the top of the list in ‘50 Best Jobs in America’ by Glassdoor .

A Data Scientist can specialize in different types of skills to work on a specific career path. Some of these are as follows (see Figure 2).

This list covers the majority of the careers a Data Scientist can explore. Moreover, an aspiring Data Scientist must keep himself/herself up to date with the latest advances and development in this fast evolving domain with new technologies and systems. We at Regenesys will also cover advanced topics in Data Science where students will get a chance to do some research and present their findings in a seminar.


Figure 2. Data Science career paths.
Written by: Dr. Parmod Kumar, Senior Associate Faculty, the Regenesys Institute of Management. You can reach me at parmodk@regenesys.in.
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