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Do you need work experience to do an MBA?

Do you need work experience to do an MBA?

As a Professor in a Management Institute,one of the most often asked question that I come across from students who are aspiring to have a management education is “SHOULD I HAVE WORK EXPERIENCE TO DO AN MBA PROGRAMME?” or “CAN I DO AN MBA PROGRAMME RIGHT AFTER COMPLETING MY GRADUATION?”. My response to this question is multifold

  • Education is an on-going process and as a result these days one would notice a rising increase in 
  • Distant Learning Programmes
  • Management Development Programmes
  • Executive MBA Programmes
  • Management workshops etc 

The purpose of these programmes is to help those who are in pursuit of being a good management professional at different phases of their life to constantly learn and upgrade themselves in a dynamic environment that we live in. The point is one needs to understand that ‘LEARNING’ does not stop with just a single Post Graduate Programme. However it is that single Post Graduate Programme in this case “AN MBA” that the provides the necessary base for one to leap into THE MANAGERIAL WORLD with wings. 

  • There is no BLACK and WHITE rule with regard to what is the right thing to do. It is alright to do an MBA programme with or without work experience. 

The following notes highlights the benefits of doing an MBA programme with or without work experience. 

Apply you work knowledge in the MBA programme


Following are the benefits of doing an MBA Programme without work experience

1. No transition is required from a working environment to a studying environment. A student continues to be in the academic setup and has no adaptation issues.
2. Lesser filters in consumption of information and knowledge from the learnings from the MBA Programme.
3. Opportunity to evaluate and understand one’s area of interest(specialization) to pursue a career while undergoing the rigours of the MBA programme.
4. Student starts a managerial career based on a strong foundation.


Following are the benefits of doing an MBA Programme with work experience 

1. Ability to relate real-work situations to managerial concept being taught.
2. The MBA programme acts like a ‘TRAMPOLINE’ to help the student to take their next big step in their career.
3. Multiple work opportunities open up on completion of an MBA Programme.

In conclusion, one will notice that all MBA programme classes are filled with a good mix of students with and without work experience. Learnings are immense for both the parties and there is a significant value addition to the overall development of the entire batch.

To know more about Regenesys Institute of Management’s Multi-Country MBA programme ,you can write to me at sandyaj@regenesys.in (Prof.Sandya Jadhav, Senior Faculty at Regenesys).