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Every Management Institute’s pedagogy should achieve a dual objective

Every Management Institute’s pedagogy should achieve a dual objective

Objective of making students industry ready by contributing to the society

Recent news of an interesting insight derived by a premier Management Institute in Mumbai has been doing the rounds. They had developed an altogether unique pedagogy for their MBA students after conducting an extensive survey among corporates to ensure that students get placed in leading organizations right after they graduate.

Here is a quick overview of the Management Institute’s research and it’s findings and results.   

It all started with the Management Institute looking to innovate its pedagogy in early 2017 and it conducted an extensive survey among corporates to understand the skills they expected their potential employees to possess. Research showed that the following skills/abilities are considered to be bare necessities for employees to flourish in their organization.

  • Time Management
  • Project Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Fund raising
  • Exposure to the external world
  • Practical and Hands-on and more

The academic team put their heads together to figure out a pedagogy that could incorporate all of the above mentioned skills that will benefit the student’s development and will facilitate their placement in a leading organization. In addition, they also felt that why not provide an opportunity to the students to “BENEFIT THE COMMUNITY” while creating/upgrading their skill set.

A “HOLISTIC PEDAGOGY” was the outcome of this arduous exercise that would benefit students by grooming them into a HOLISTIC MANAGER and benefit the community by making a difference to their standard of living. The Brainchild - A Community Development Porject.

A little bit about the Objective of the Management Institute’s HOLISTIC PEDAGOGY:

  • Provide students an opportunity to apply the classroom learnings of subjects like Financial Management, Project Management and Marketing Management in the real world through the community development project.
  • Provide opportunity for the student to learn the required skillset hands-on while executing the community development project.

So the 2018 batch students were introduced to the ‘HOLISTIC PEDAGOGY’. Students set out to research the community that needed help and identified a slum area called Pancheshi Nagar in Belapur. The objective was to identify the problem area, create awareness among the locals to address the problem and provide the necessary solution to relieve the locals of the specific problem.

A series of initiatives/activities followed over a period of 3 months and the project’s first phase culminated with students successfully making free treatment available to 46 locals who were diagnosed during the medical diagnosis camp. They garnered support from 6 doctors in Navi Mumbai who heartily agreed to provide complete treatment to the 46 locals.

Residents expressed their heart-felt gratitude for the help extended to alleviate their health problems. Students were thrilled to have made a difference to the society while learning all that is required to make them INDUSTRY READY.

In summary, we grow by helping others grow. According to Anthony Jai Robbins, an American author, entrepreneur, philanthropist and life coach “self-development is the only thing that keeps a person from burning out. We all have many needs- need for certainty, need for variety, the need for significance and the need for connection. But, ultimately, we must grow, and we must contribute in a meaningful way in order to be fulfilled”.

The pedagogy of this Management Institute shows that students can be made industry ready by giving back to the society. To know more about this Pioneering Management Institute visit www.regenesys.in.