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How can we bridge the skill gap?

Gone are the days, when people spent decades in their job despite minimal skillsets. Cut-through competition coupled with industrial advancements, have drastically changed things in the past couple of decades. Now, companies across the globe are recognizing the need for tackling skill gap. While bridging skills gap might seem like a mountainous task, but I would like to suggest certain urgent measures to bridge this gap.

Skill-based programmes:

Of course, the standard of MBA programmes have improved considerably, but if we want to bring down the widening gap between higher education and industry requirements, we are in dire need of skill-based programmes. These courses will help students develop the necessary skills, which they might need in the real-world situations. Educational institutions can add value to their existing courses by focusing on the need of the industry leaders.

Industry Interaction:

While there have been drastic technological advancements in our education system, MBA students must also be updated about the changing industry trends. This is possible with the help of regular interactions from industry leaders. Management institutions can collaborate with companies and setup regular meetings with the students.

Simulation-based Training Programmes:

Simulation training involves usage of a computer software for modelling a real-world situation. During a simulation-based training programme, a student pursuing an MBA programme will be able to perform certain tasks, which he would perform in a company or a leadership position in the near future.  Simulation makes use of technology for training students. With the help of a simulation programme, we can develop not just highly-educated students but also skilled leaders.

With rapid technological advances in different sectors institutions have to do their bit. They must take the onus to bring the change for a better future. Having said that students need to also take extra efforts to become industry-ready. Hopefully, the suggestions I have shared here will go a long way in restructuring the education system and bridging the skill gap.

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