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How Data Science is changing the education industry?

How Data Science Is Changing The Education Industry?

The world is changing very fast and the driving engine behind this change is technology. One of the hot technology these days is ‘Data Science’, which has the potential to answer crucial questions and add huge value to the business.
Sensor technologies, architecture to implement it at a large scale and collecting data from various sources is empowering various businesses and even resulting in the start of new ones. Each and every sector of the industry is trying to use this huge amount of data in one way or another. So the question that we are asking is “How Data Science is Changing The Education Industry?” Or “How Data Science can Change The Education Industry?”
Keeping our eyes on the education sector, let's start looking at one popular Machine Learning course at Coursera offered by Andrew Ng (see Table 1). This course has some of the largest hits/day and helping the students worldwide to acquire this highly sought skill, which is one of the main elements of the Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence.
How one particular course is making an impact globally?
WolframAlpha® analysis of ‘Andrew Ng Machine Learning Course on the Coursera’  (see Table 1).
Table 1: WolframAlpha® analysis of ‘Andrew Ng Machine Learning Course on the Coursera.’
daily page views -  11 million hits/day 
daily visitors  -  3.1 million visits/day 
site rank -  738th (assuming 3.577 billion, global internet users) 
In parallel to this highly popular course, we also have to look for some other source related to our topic for this blog, which we go over in the next section.
How Big Data in making an impact in the Education Sector?
WolframAlpha® computational intelligence analysis of the ‘Big Data In Education Sector’  (see Figure 1).

Figure 1. Big Data Impact in the Education Industry (Google search and WolframAlpha® results).
The use of the Big Data in education in the last two years is continuously on the rise (see Figure 1). Now we will focus on what impact Data Science can make in the education sector addressing its different elements, e.g. students, faculty members, and people working in this field.
Recognizing and targeting potential students
Educational institutions are always looking for potential students and Big Data is definitely helping this in a big way. Additionally, it has a lot of options to do this in an innovative way, e.g. targeting customers on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
Improving education delivery
Various data from the students have lots of useful information for the educators, which they can use to improve their services and also to modify the delivery for more effectiveness. By analyzing the data from the student's classroom, assignments, exams, presentations and extracurricular activities we know students progress, strengths, and weaknesses. Effectiveness can be assessed by analyzing the data related to students performance during the semester/course. Moreover, educators can come up with new programs for a specific group of students to meet their specific needs and reduce dropouts.
Addressing specific needs of different demographic
Students from different geographical regions have different educational needs, interests, and motivation. This we can verify by looking at data from various sources, in the institutions, outside the institutions, students applications, and queries that students are making related to their career choices, etc. Big Data has this information in it and we need to tap this to design effective methods and delivery for the students from different demographics.
Improving satisfaction and retaining students
An institute can use data analysis to measure the satisfaction level of the enrolled students and their parents. This also tells us about the corrective measures that we can take to address this lack of satisfaction and build more confidence. By doing so institutes can retain students, increase future enrollment, and their business.
Building on this information, it is very evident that Data Science has the potential to improve the education sector and make an impact in a big way. It empowers us at Regenesys not only to make the education sector more lucrative, profitable, and successful but also the success of the students in their academic and professional careers.