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How Regenesys Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing is Special?

How Regenesys Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing is Special?

Why digital marketing is important?
Moore's Law proposed based on the observation of Intel co-founder Gordon Moore states that “the number of transistors on a chip doubles every year while the costs are halved.” On this basis, technology advancement is resulting in the fast change of the world that we live. And hence, in the present days, we are living under the umbrella of digital devices, e.g. Mobile phones, tablets, PCs, Laptops. Majority of our work and entertainment related communications are happening via digital devices using digital content. This creates a big requirement for competent Digital Marketing professionals and the training for these professionals. Here in this article, we will address the core curriculum aspect as well as additional soft and extra-curriculum skills to be a successful Digital Marketing professional.

Why one should be a digital marketer?
Every business needs a competent Digital Marketer who can implement effective digital marketing strategies for better impressions on the customers and increase sales. A large number of people are using digital devices, especially in developing countries like India where we have a very healthy competition between different telecommunication companies. Telecommunication companies also provide internet and data services, which can be used on any hardware device. This results in the increase in the usage of digital devices and digital media. And hence creating huge demands for digital marketing. For a business, marketing is an essential mean to reach out to potential customers. This also creates a heavy demand for Digital Marketing professionals, and many institutions have started courses to train Digital Marketing professionals and Regenesys is one of them. How the Regenesys Digital Marketing program is different from other programs?

Key points about Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing (PGPDM) at Regenesys

  • Duration of the program is just 8 months, with 6 months of classroom training and 2 months of internship.
  • Regenesys has corporate partners across India and South Africa.
  • Regenesys offers a multi-module program covering topics such as Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, and Mobile Marketing.
  • Students of PGPDM at Regenesys will receive six highly valued certificates.
  • PGPDM at Regenesys ensures 100% guaranteed placement to the students.
  • Deserving candidates can get a scholarship.
  • Industry oriented curriculum with a perfect balance between theory and practice.

Written by: Dr. Parmod Kumar, Senior Associate Faculty at the Regenesys Institute of Management. You can reach me at parmodk@regenesys.in.