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How to Create Students Who can Think Differently from an MBA Programme

How to Create Students Who can Think Differently from an MBA Programme

I remember more than 15 years back going to the USA to do an MBA programme. I had just completed the requisite education to do an MBA from the USA.

A backgrounder to the learning methodology in my undergrad programme is a must before delving into this article topic further. With all due respect to the Institute from where I did my undergrad I still remember the long hours of classroom lectures with two recess in between.

The lecturers pumped us with a lot of information but that was it and our preparation would be more focused on scoring maximum marks in the final exams because that was the only thing that determined our passing or failing in a particular subject.

Fast forward to four years after completing the undergrad programme when I started my MBA programme at the University of North Carolina. Little did I know that I was walking straight into a whole new world of learning and student assessment. To start with the final exam on a subject was not for 100 marks, the weightage was only about 25% which for a student from India can be quite a shock. There are other factors that the University had tied in to make student assessment wholesome. The balance 75% was broken down among

  • Student Participation in classes which required few hours of preparation from the student’s side for each class
  • Group Projects
  • Individual Presentation
  • Assignments


Moving 15 years ahead, being a faculty at an International Business School and working towards improving attributes of students I couldn’t help but think about how the various assessments at my US university helped us as students to shift our thinking abilities-driver being that each assessment category was marked and contributed to the overall score.

Secondly, adapting to the USA Education system required quite a bit of opening up of my Indian mind. The initial few months of unlearning ,understanding what the system expected of me in-terms of contribution and educating myself, completely re-aligned my thinking map.

In short, for MBA programmes to instill ‘innovative thinking’ or ‘thinking differently’ into students, one of the most constructive ways is to arrange an array of assessments for the student in a way that would require them to think differently for each assessment category.

At Regenesys, we exposure students to digital assessments, community projects, detailed assignments and real-time projects. Weightage is not given only to the final exam in order to encourage student’s thinking process.

To know more about the MCMBA programme from Regenesys, you can write to me at sandyaj@regenesys.in ( Prof.Sandya Jadhav,Senior Faculty, Regenesys Institute of Management)