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Blog on How to Exploit Disruption in a Digital World?

How to exploit disruption in a digital world?

In human history, there have been innumerable instances when innovation and technological advancements have changed everything around us. However, it is probably the first time when are dealing with disruption at this scale and intensity. 

The speed of digital transformation is beyond our wildest imagination. The impact of previous disruptions would start appearing after many years. Today, it takes just a few months for emerging technologies to disrupt an industry altogether. 

Whether you are an MBA aspirant or pursuing MBA from one of the best International MBA colleges, you must learn to exploit disruption in a digital world. Following are a couple of ideas to deal with the situation: 

Simulation-based Learning:

While naysayers will keep saying that technology will leave us with no jobs, but if used judiciously, technology can also be immensely beneficial. For instance, while machine learning is automating many tasks, businesses also use this advanced technology for training purposes. 

Even business schools can embrace simulation-based learning and help students prepare for digitized businesses. Such a learning framework will help them experience real-life situations faced by businesses. 

Solution-Based Learning: 

All roads for Innovation and disruption don’t lead back to technology. Some also point to those who leverage technology. So, can we exploit it in the digital world? 

When you look at the ever-evolving business environment and emerging technologies, which have laid the foundation for the digital revolution, you will notice a vacuum. This vacuum can be filled with solution-based learning. If you want to make the most of disruption, then you must create an approach of dealing with problems by incorporating technology. MBA institutes can also adopt this method. They can understand issues and accordingly make changes in their curriculum. 

At Regenesys, we understand the need to evolve with changing times. Our unique curriculum has been desired with some of the best MBA courses in demand. It is to ensure that our students are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to exploit disruption. For more information about our International Leadership MBA, reach out to us at communication@regenesys.in

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