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Blog on How will AI Impact your MBA Programme?

How will AI impact your MBA Programme?

How will AI impact your MBA Programme?

The AI invasion is upon us.

From completing day-to-day tasks to taking critical business decisions, AI has potential impact on everything we do. The disruptive nature of AI has even impacted businesses across various industries. An interesting thing to note here is that even MBA programmes aren’t left untouched by AI. Such is the impact of AI that today a student pursuing Master’s in Management from any corner of the world will experience the invasion.

AI Chatbot:

Imagine you are sitting in a management programme and an AI chatbot is your professor. The possibility to learn and grow will be endless. While business education institutes have largely avoided the massive digital disruption, technology has somehow penetrated into the system.

Some institutes have been using AI chatbots to answer student queries. The average response time of chatbots is faster than human professors. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that soon we will more and more chatbots teaching MBA students.

AI based learnings:

Let us assume a bunch of students are asked to join an AI model, which is a simulation-based programme. The AI model is designed such that students have to take critical decisions which will impact the company’s finances. The purpose of this programme is to prepare these students for leadership position.

In recent years, more and more institutions have adopted AI models, especially in their corporate training courses. These courses give students hands-on experience in managing businesses in a technologically-driven era. AI models and simulation-based courses have potential to revolutionize MBA programmes.

Student Recruitment:

Artificial Intelligence can come in handy for recruiting MBA students. For decades, educational institutes have interviewed students via phone and personal interactions. AI can make the selection process easier. We just have to train the AI such that it can listen to past phone calls and interviews. Based on the sample data, it can create patterns to differentiate between ideal students and unworthy students. This may seem like a long shot, but it seems possible.

Career matchmaking:

Skill and tech gap amongst MBA students are at an all-time high. There is a growing concern that AI will soon go mainstream and it will displace millions of people. But, if you ask experts, they seem to disagree. They believe that we can use the power of AI to our benefit.  AI can track career paths and current employers of MBA alumni to identify the key skill sets needed by students for excelling in their respective careers.

These technological advancements are going to revolutionize and change our perspective about an MBA programme. At Regenesys, we believe in adapting to the changing trends. We have already begun skill-based training courses and look forward to blending in the AI era. For more information, you can visit our website: regenesys.in

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