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Blog on Impacts of Digital Disruption on Classroom Education

Impacts of Digital Disruption on Classroom Education

Not long ago, most schools in India lacked basic usage of technology, but in the last few years, call it impact of disruption or change of approach, things have changed drastically. Today, there are discussions about digital disruption of education. By digitizing the classroom learning experience, we can create an engaging and efficient education system. Following are some of the positive impacts of digital disruption on classroom education:


Customised Learning Experience:


Imagine an MBA college where there is a customised curriculum for each student group. The curriculum is planned based on each student’s previous courses, scores, aptitude, and interest levels. Once the college has all the necessary information, it can use artificial intelligence and big data to recommend courses, which meet the expectations of both students and teachers. Digital disruption has the potential to offer the best international MBA program to ensure an accelerated progress.


Global Audience:


In recent years, a plethora of digital learning platforms have come up. These platforms are shattering the cultural and geographical boundaries. They are equipping teachers to spread their knowledge, which isn’t just limited to a classroom, but reaches global audiences. This education medium ensures students and teachers from different parts of the world participate and share inputs, wherever necessary, in the education process. It enables a holistic and enriched learning experience.


Modular Learning:


Digital disruption has led to building enhanced learning modules at a rapid pace. Today, educators can effortlessly prepare detailed programmes by referring previously developed courses by educators from various International MBA colleges. More and more educators are now able to create effective learning materials that consist of varied difficulty levels, roles, and core competencies. Additionally, these tools help educators measure the grasping speed of each student, and accordingly make changes in the course.


We are Regenesys, a world-class business school with a difference. As we understand the need to blend with the rapid digital disruption, so we have accordingly shaped our pedagogy. To know more about our international management programme, reach us at communication@regenesys.in

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