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Blog on Is machine learning really a threat?

Is machine learning really a threat?

As rapid advances continue to take place in the field of machine learning, a plethora of white-collar jobs are set to be automated. In a matter of few years, innumerable emerging technologies have disrupted work environments worldwide. Such a disruption has adversely impacted the manual labour. Now, even MBA institutes have started facing the brunt of the emerging technologies like machine learning and data analytics. But the question is, whether the machine learning a threat or is it just a case of fear mongering?

Prepare for the Impossible:

While you are apprehensive and worried about mass implementation of machine learning, you can still find the silver lining, as some good MBA colleges in Mumbai offer specialised courses in emerging technologies. These courses will prepare you for a future, where leaders embrace technology and embed it in business planning. Machine learning is going to help us achieve all those things, which seemed impossible few years back. For instance, a task that needed 20 hours of manual labour can now be accomplished within minutes. It has been possible through the power of machine learning.

Job Creation is the Key:

When the first computer came in India, innumerable people were believed to go jobless. However, within a matter of few years, computer became a primary source of income for many companies. Today, every office has a computer. While it disrupted many industries and made numerous jobs obsolete, it also paved way for a digital future.

Similarly, machine learning seems like a threat, but if we continue creating jobs, then it won’t be a cause of concern. In fact, we will witness that some of the best international MBA programs have courses in machine learning. It is the future. The sooner we accept it, the easier it is going to be for us to embrace the disruption.  

Embracing technology is the way to go. At Regenesys, we always go hand-in-hand with technology and changing times. To know more about our advanced courses, reach us at communication@regenesys.in 


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