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Knowledge vs Skills - Which is important?

Can you fly a plane by sitting in a classroom? How about managing a company? And what if someone asked you to paint after giving a video tutorial on painting? There are certain aspects to these activities, which need thorough classroom experience, while there are other aspects, which require hands-on experience. This is the fundamental difference between knowledge and skill.

Simply put, knowledge is essentially theoretical, and skill is practical in nature. For instance, let us assume you want to learn how to play soccer. You might be well-versed with the soccer rules, teams, players and overall stats, but all this combined together only makes you informed and knowledgeable about soccer. However, you would have to play it regularly, in order to be referred as a skilled soccer player.  

How to bridge the gap?

Therefore, if you want students to fly a plane or play soccer, then don’t burden them with manuals for these activities. This information overload will just add to their existing knowledge. If one keeps using this technique, then they might never learn how to fly a plane or play soccer. Over- dependence on knowledge-based education is the primary reason why companies across the globe are complaining about skill gap in their employees.

Today, more and more companies are resorting to skill-based training programs to fill this gap. However, the onus lies with the policy makers to formulate our higher education such that students are prepared for the real-world. When the education only involves lectures and presentations, we end up with a bunch of students who might know a lot but fail to implement it.

Therefore, students need specialized skill-based courses, which offers them with hands-on experience to effectively perform a given task. These courses must offer them with real-world perspective. We, at Regenesys Institute of Management, follow the changing trends and focus on skill-based management programmes for our students. To know more about our courses and become industry-ready, you can write us at communication@regenesys.in 

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