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Blog | Startups or High Paying Jobs? Which one to Choose after Completing your MBA?

Startups or High Paying Jobs? Which one to choose after completing your MBA?

In the past couple of decades, the craze for startups has increased drastically. These companies offer visually appealing and learning work environment. Additionally, they offer you immense learning and growth opportunities. However, corporate and multinational companies are still cash cows for MBA graduates. This explains why more and more students are left in a cross-22 situation after completing their MBA. If you have are in a similar situation, we are here to help you. Let us find out positive and negative aspects of startups and high paying jobs. 

Organization Structure: 

Multinational companies and corporates have structured workplaces and clear goals. Since they are already established, you can expect timely salary and job security. However, most start-ups are unstructured, so they lack stability. Also, these companies are in the rapid expansion mode, so they are highly competitive and volatile. Therefore, you can’t expect them to offer job security and high pay scale. 

Career Growth:

Startups are usually set up a by bunch of passionate individuals, so you can prefer them, if you genuinely love what you do and crave to learn new things. There is always scope for experimentation in startups. Most corporates and MNCs have pre-defined process. Therefore, if you are looking for career growth, then startups are the way to go.

Work Culture: 

Everything is pre-defined and established in corporates. Work culture in such companies are always clear and specific. Work hours are often unchanged. However, startups are often chaotic in nature. Work environment and working hours in these companies depend upon the client requirement. For instance, if the client expects a particular task or order on an urgent basis, then employees have to extend beyond their regular work hours. 


Startups are tool to kickstart careers. If you are part of a startup, then you are bound to regularly learn lots of new things. Also, since everything is target oriented, so you need to deal with various aspects on your own and deliver the desired results. By the time, you leave the company, you will have learnt a plethora of things in your industry. Your stint in a startup will go a long way to propel your career growth and success. 

Now, the final decision rests upon you. You can take an account of your aspirations, financial situation and future plans to make the decision. For instance, if you are passionate and willing to take risks after completing your MBA, then you can jump into a startup. You must thoroughly research about the company history, their funding and market value. However, if you want financial stability, you must go with a well-paid job. All the best in your future endeavors. 

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