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MBA MC Dubai Trip

After a well deserved graduation ceremony at our Mumbai Campus, the graduates travelled to Dubai in transit to the Regenesys Business School in Sandton, South Africa to begin studying their MBA qualification.

The students spent 3 days in Dubai, combining the fun of sight seeing with some educational industrial visits.

The words of some of the MBA students bears testimony how the group enjoyed this once in a life time opportunity: -

"If there is a place that is definitely on the list for any traveller, it is Dubai. It is a city of wonders and there is no one who haven’t read about all the amazing things about Dubai. The short yet incredible history of Dubai is so astonishing that we can feel it there around every corner"

"We got a lifetime opportunity to travel to Dubai not only just as a tourist but also a learner. Reading about all those astonishing facts was definitely a fun but experiencing them in real life was no less than a fairy tale. They  have got everything from  amazing buildings, to beautiful beaches, to mind blowing technology"

"Name anything and Dubai has it or if it doesn’t have it, Dubai is preparing it. The way this place is organised and developed is just beyond words. It was such an amazing experience to learn the corporate culture of Dubai and how the business of different sectors work around there."

"We visited lot of industries there which was definitely a great learning. And we just enjoyed most beautiful experiences such as Desert Safari, the musical fountain of Bhurj Khalifa, The Dubai Aquarium, Palm beach islands, desert camps. There is lot more in Dubai than just fun. It was such a great learning experience for all of us. The days passed in a blink of an eye but the memories will be there for us to cherish forever."