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Blog on MBA Programmes and Disruptive Technologies

MBA Programmes and Disruptive Technologies

MBA Programmes and Disruptive Technologies

Disruption is the latest buzz word in businesses across the world. Not just companies, even MBA programmes are trying to keep up with the rapid changes caused by disruptive technologies. Today, even the most technologically advanced institutes have to keep innovating and reshaping their strategies. Structured learning programmes featuring quizzes, video lectures, discussions, and tutorials are making way for simulation-based courses.

While some B-schools have upped the ante by offering skill-based MBA programmes, you can still find innumerable students completing MBA with minimal experience and knowledge of these disruptive technologies. Moreover, technologies like AI, blockchain, data analytics and machine learning are relatively new, so most institutes don’t have expert training staff and relevant case studies to help students prepare for market expectations.

Currently, the tech gap in most MNCs is at an all-time high. In fact, thanks to the disruptive technologies, this gap is rapidly increasing. The trained professionals can take sabbaticals to train students, but their response has been feeble. Moreover, industry experts aren’t doing their bit to help students acquaint with the latest technologies. This explains why students step out of MBA institutes with merely theoretical knowledge and have to face a steep learning curve to survive in the market.

Some of the best MBA schools in India today have state-of-the-art amenities and world-class faculty. But, if they want to retain their credibility and value, they have to go beyond the usual classroom education and PowerPoint presentations. You can check out curriculum of any International business school. They focus on usage of advanced mediums and tool for imparting education. They help students understand various aspects of new-age technologies AI, big data and machine learning, and how they can leverage them for connecting with customers and boosting growth of their company.

MBA programmes are in dire need of innovation. While some institutes are evolving, others will be forced to adapt soon, else the storm of disruption will blow them away in oblivion.  At Regenesys, we have specialized programmes on various disruptive technologies like AI, Blockchain, IoT, VR, and data analytics. This ensures that our students stand-out in a technologically driven era where businesses focus on innovation, disruption and rethinking. For additional information about advanced technologies, you can write us at communication@regenesys.in.


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