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Need for Purposeful Higher Education

Not long ago, higher education was a medium to prepare our students for living a happy and meaningful life. Jobs were readily available, and companies didn’t put extra efforts to screen the candidates. However, thanks to the rapid technological advancements, the purpose of higher education changed drastically. Now, the focus is on the kind of education, which can offer students with the necessary skills needed to meet the current workforce demands.

In a technologically advanced world, higher education lacking market value is futile. We might have innumerable institutions imparting higher education, but it’s important to understand that their primary role is to prepare students according to the current market expectations. Therefore, need for purposeful higher education has never been higher.

Of course, the standard of higher education has improved over the years. But, it goes without saying that a lot needs to be done to make it at par with market expectations. With the addition of purposeful higher education, students will not just have in-depth knowledge about a particular subject, but also develop the necessary skills needed for performing tasks in the real-world situations.  

This is where our education institutions need improvement. While their efforts must be appreciated, but they need to match the pace of the changing technological trends. We must also do away with traditionally used mediums for imparting education and move to simulations and skill-based training courses. Therefore, the key is to formulate strategies for higher education such that today’s youth is dynamic, intuitive and industry-ready. This will go a long way in preparing them for rapid technological advancements and ever-increasing market expectations.

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