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Need for Tech training courses for MBA Grads:

A lot has been already written and talked about the skill gap among MBA grads. Companies, educators and industry experts across the globe have shown concerns about the dire need for a tectonic change in our education system. While we are still dealing with this problem, industries are now worried about the increasing tech gap. With the rising competition and technological advancements, MBA students are unable to cope up with the market expectations. Therefore, need for tech training courses has never been higher. Here, I will discuss some of the must-have technical skills for every MBA grad.


You might not be technically sound but a basic training course for CSS and HTML coding can help you reap great benefits. Now, you might wonder why you need to only work on HTML and CSS. Well for starters, most websites are built using CSS and HTML. You need to understand the basics of developing and working mechanism of these websites. Coding can do wonders for your management career. Therefore, I would suggest you develop basic coding skills.


This is again a technical skill, which involves knowledge about the functioning of apps and websites. For instance, if you have the basic idea about the look and feel of these applications, then you can give necessary feedback to the concerned development teams.


You need to have an eye for detail. While many would say that graphic designing is a gifted skill, but I genuinely believe that anyone can develop it by enrolling in a technical course. There is an old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. If you have good understanding of graphic design, then you can be an asset to your company.   

Office Skills:

We live in a technology-driven world. Therefore, if you want to see yourself in a leadership position after completing your MBA programme, you need to be proficient in basic software tools like Microsoft Office, PowerPoint, Adobe, and other relevant tools used in your industry.

Today, technical knowledge has become mandatory for the professional growth of MBA grads. With the ever-growing competition, if you are a critical thinker and technically sound, then companies will welcome you with open arms. So, enroll in a technical course along with your MBA programme, as it will give you an edge over other MBA graduates.


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