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Blog on Rapid Technological Advancements: A Double-Edged Sword

Rapid technological advancements: A Double-edged sword

Rapid Technological Advancements: A Double-edged sword

Before I begin to analyze various aspects of technology, I want to make a confession. I love technology. Well, who doesn’t? Technology has made our lives simpler and better. Advanced technologies like AI and data analytics have revolutionized businesses across the globe. Technology has also improved our higher education. Today, MBA programmes have simulation-based courses to prepare students for meeting growing market expectations. These courses help them stand-out in the era of innovation and disruption.

Technology isn’t a Panacea!

All of this shows that technology is truly wonderful. However, I can’t fathom people who call it a panacea. Basically, humans crave for quick-fixes. Today, we have technology, tomorrow we will have something else to fill the gap. Our obsession for quick fixes is rampant. We want quick fixes for business, education and everything on the face of earth. But, we need to understand that certain things take time. Great leaders don’t pop-up overnight. They become leaders through years of persistent training, practice and experience.  

Need for Creative and Critical Thinkers:

This is the reason why I believe that technology is a double-edged sword. With technology at their perusal, students aren’t focusing on creative and critical thinking; a skill needed for future thought leaders. The explosion of technology is killing their creativity. Moreover, young leaders are relying heavily on AI to perform day-to-day actions like minimizing workflow disruptions, improving performance, and reducing costs. But, we want leaders with original thought-process. Therefore, the need is for MBA programmes, which promote critical and creative thinking has never been higher.

Technology is amazing. It is here to stay. And it is going to offer innumerable benefits in the years to come. However, we should understand that at the end of day, it’s just technology; nothing else. While we use advanced technologies like AI and data analytics to our benefit, we must also simultaneously focus on building cohesive learning strategies, which help in holistic development of our MBA students. 

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