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Rethinking the Hows and Whys of Tech-based Education:

Imagine a world without teachers! It would be a world full of robots and chatbots teaching us. It makes for a blockbuster sci-fi movie. In fact, worldwide talks about robots replacing teachers have already begun. However, the reality is different. We need teachers as much as we need technology.

Technological tools have the potential to foster student’s abilities and give them access to rapid technological advances. Still, teachers are the ones who can nurture and help them excel in life. In this blog, I would like to discuss a few reasons why need technology in our education system.

Need for Personalized Education:

Every student is unique, and so is his ability to learn and develop. Though some students are quick learners, others need special attention to acquire the necessary skills. Integrated learning systems can be designed for catering to individual student needs.

Need for Critical Thinkers:

We need our future leaders to be critical thinkers. Our present education system isn’t designed to provoke students to question, formulate ideas and problem-solving sessions.


In recent years, institutes are focusing on filling the tech gap, but it is only possible students are acquainted with process skills needed in companies. Traditionally, students are supposed to learn these skills as a part of on-job training. We can make our students industry-ready through simulation model sessions.


Thanks to the global technological disruption, emerging technologies like blockchain, big data, and artificial intelligence have become an integral part of our lives. But, due to multiple reasons, students don’t have the necessary exposure to these technologies. Institutes can bring in industry experts to guide students about the latest technologies and fill the tech gap.

We need to remember that certain things are possible only by teachers. For instance, teachers are capable of building strong bonds with students. Even the best and the most advanced technologies can’t achieve such a relationship. We must have a tech-based education. It’s a must in today’s technologically-driven era, but we need it as a support system for our teachers such that they give more time for interaction and growth of students.

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