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Blog | The Co-relation of Employee Well-being and Performance

The Co-relation of Employee Well-being and Performance

What is the core difference between high and poor performers? And what are the possible steps employers can take for improving individuals and team performances? These simple-looking questions bug leaders and managers across the globe. Every organization has a handful of employees who stand out from the rest. While one can easily shortlist high performing employees, it isn't easy to measure their performance objective. Such employees can be found in different sectors across the globe.

Are Employee Wellbeing & Performance Interlinked? 

Every organization looks for more and more high performers. According to researchers and wellness experts across the globe, employee wellbeing is the key to their high performance. Here, welfare includes physical as well as mental health. A physically and mentally healthy employee will have less absenteeism and focused on work. It is imperative to eliminate all possible factors that harm the wellbeing of employees.

Changing Perceptions of Companies towards Employee Wellbeing: 

I believe we are already noticing a gradual shift in the perception of employers towards the wellbeing of employees. While some of them are offering employees with adequate work-life balance, others are making changes in the working environment. Since the competition for acquiring and retaining high performers is increasing, priority for employee wellbeing will also increase. 

Workplaces act as social environments for employees to interact, so it is easy for the wellbeing of one individual to affect the performances of his team members. It means that welfare works like a ripple effect for employees in an organizational structure. However, various researches have highlighted that the wellbeing of an individual doesn't always nullify the low work performances of other individuals in the team. There are numerous vital factors, including their welfare. It's unrealistic to assume that the perception of companies will change overnight, but I am happy that we are taking slow and steady steps towards improving the wellbeing of employees.

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