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The Dire Need for Disruption and Innovation in Higher-Ed

The Dire Need for Disruption and Innovation in Higher-Ed

A couple of decades back, the newspaper industry was booming. Some of the biggest names in the journalism used to line up for joining this industry. If that was not it, if you stepped out of your home, everyone could be seen with a newspaper in their hands. It was the primary mode of news intake. However, rapid technological advancements made it obsolete. Today, either most newspaper moguls have thrown in the towel, or they are on the verge of shutting down. 

Many education and industry experts have shown concerns about the future of higher education. They worry that it might go the way of the music industry and newspapers who are facing oblivion due to lack of innovation. I don’t intend to sound prophetic or spread paranoia, but it’s high time we had innovation and disruption in the higher-ed.  

It’s Now or Never:

Today, we are surrounded by emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and big data. It is more like an explosion, which has affected every industry within its reach. While educational institutes and lawmakers have resisted the change, it’s not long before they will have no option but to innovate and disrupt. Management institutes need to embrace innovative ideas for meeting market expectations. 

The Rise of Online Education:

While it’s still in its nascent stages, but online education has already made its mark in the industry. With each passing year, more and more students are moving to online mediums of instruction. If higher education were to survive, we need a massive facelift and revamping. The curriculum of management institutes needs to be updated regularly. Additionally, traditional higher education should embrace technology and offer the best of both worlds. 

Traditionally, every industry goes through testing times. In these testing times, there are always victims who fail because they are not willing to adapt and evolve. Disruption and innovation are the need of the hour because it will make higher education easily accessible and feasible. Therefore, the onus rests upon the shoulders of lawmakers to revamp higher education.  

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