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The Executive Education Arm of Regenesys Approaches Executive Education Holistically

The executive education arm of Regenesys approaches Executive education holistically.

Regenesys Pedagogy focuses on a 360 degree approach and is closely aligned to meet organizational goals.

How do we do it?

Individual Approach

 Our executive education programmes are designed to impact positively on the bottom line. Programmes are co-designed with clients to ensure that you achieve a true measurable change in key business metrics and see a visible shift in attitudes and behaviours.

Wholesome Learning

In the 21st century, organisations need a sound theoretical and practical understanding of the science of business. Hence our programmes are delivered by both Academicians and Industry experts through:

·       Online

·       Contact

·       Blended (Online + Contact) pedagogy.

We also provide mentorship for 6 months post completion of the executive education programme. This ensures our clients are able to smoothly apply the learnings onto their business areas thereby making our efforts a wholesome one.

Improved Vitality

We understand that corporations are also beings that need to have good vitals to operate in a healthy manner and hence the focus of our programmes is on improving the vitality of organisations.

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