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The future is for HR professionals

The future is for HR professionals

Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Business Analytics, Online marketing are the most often searched terms on the internet as of today. Technology is catching up and entering pretty much all arenas of our life. While working professionals and students are looking to keep pace with these changes by taking to various certified courses and workshops I paused today to reflect on these patterns. 

It is often common to do what the rest of the world is doing because most often than not a majority of us are riding on a particular forecast, industry/industries pattern. This is often noted with fashion trends, food trends etc. While this is good, it is vital to think out of the box. 

So my thoughts when to JackMa, Alibaba founder’s quote “ Machine can never win human beings because Machine has only chips whereas Human beings have a heart” and that brings us to the topic of this article. 

When someone talks about a ‘Human Resource Programme’ either a Diploma or a Postgraduate Programme, TOM (top of the mind ) is that the course would cover

  • Recruitment
  • Selection
  • Payroll
  • Overall HR admin roles

What if we think of a HR programme as a course that offers students and working professionals a 360 degree understanding of “PEOPLE MANAGEMENT”. Why? 

If we refer to Jack Ma’s quote again, the workforce that HR professionals will manage in the future is changing. Employees in the future will be 

  • More Tech Savvy
  • Challenged in terms of adapting to an evolving work environment
  • Confused to the extent of their involvement on jobs that now have greater technological interference
  • Opening of new job profiles that do not have a past
  • Identifying new career paths

More than ever before ‘PEOPLE MANAGEMENT’ is going to be in great demand to effectively manage the above mentioned scenarios. 

While students are contemplating on specialisations in the management stream, it is vital to keep in mind that Human Resource will no more involve only mundane recruitment, selection and payroll process. It will be about having better ‘EMOTIONAL QUOTIENT’, better ‘MAPPING OF TRAINING REQUIREMENTS’, better ‘COUNSELLING SERVICES’, better ‘CAREER PATH MAPPING’ and constantly providing an ‘OVERVIEW OF THE EVOLVING SKILL SETS REQUIRE IN THE INDUSTRY’.

 Article written by Prof.Sandya Jadhav ( Senior Faculty, Regenesys Institute of Management)

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