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Top Trends Redefining Higher Education

In recent years, a plethora of technologies have come up and seamlessly penetrated the education sector. These emerging technologies have impacted higher education in more than one way. In this post, I would be discussing some of the top trends, which are going to redefine higher education in our country. 

Virtual Reality:  

Virtual technology has moved way past the fad stage. Today, many colleges across the world have started incorporating it as a learning tool. 

Educators and faculty members of various MBA institutes are looking for innovative pedagogical changes to improve the learning process. Educational researchers believe that such a tool enhances the learning experience of students to great lengths. 

Virtual reality will go beyond merely a tool to educate. This year, we will see more and more MBA colleges use it as a tool to create virtual simulations of real-life situations. For instance, a management student can sit in the classroom and experience what it’s like being in a power-packed boardroom meeting. I believe this technology has got immense potential to revolutionise higher education. 

Survival of the Fittest:

The world of business has never been this competitive, complex and fast-paced. Business or technology, which worked in the past, may not necessarily work today. Therefore, companies are learning the hard way that there is no scope for complacency. 

If you want to succeed in today’s exceptionally rapid, technology-driven business environment, then you must be willing to adapt and evolve with the changing times. It is survival of the fittest.

Our education institutions are feeling the heat of continuous technological changes. Therefore, we are going to see institutions take drastic measures to redesign their pedagogy. In my opinion, this will further redefine our higher education. 

Nurture Industry-ready Leaders: 

It is already one of the highly discussed topics amongst educational experts and industry leaders. Therefore, it’s about time our institutions did something to fill the skill and tech gap. 

There has been immense pressure on institutions from the market forces to nurture skilled workers who are innovative and employable. Going forward, MBA institutes will focus on an inclusive and skill-based learning approach to create industry-ready future leaders.  

I do not have an iota doubt that as we go ahead, there will be various other trends, which will redefine higher education. However, it is definitely going to be interesting to see how the trends mentioned above shape our teaching.

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