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Blog on Unemployed MBA Graduates: Job Scarcity or Lack of Skills?

Unemployed MBA graduates: Job scarcity or Lack of Skills?

Unemployed MBA Graduates: Job Scarcity or Lack of Skills

Every year, millions of students across the globe enrol in an MBA programme. Two years down the line, they get the course completion certificate from their respective MBA institute and step out in the job market. While some of them are instantly hired, the majority remain jobless for months. The big question is: Are they unemployed due to job scarcity or lack of skills?

Job Scarcity:

Not so long ago, MBA graduates were the eye candy in various industries. Often, they were hired at fat packages by multinationals. However, somehow in the past couple of decades things have changed for the management graduates. They are not the top priority of industry experts anymore. So, we can’t point job scarcity as one of the reasons for unemployed management graduates.

Lack of Skills:

Apart from job scarcity, another key reason which is claimed to be responsible for the rising number of unemployed graduates is lack of skills. We can classify skills in two categories: hard skills and soft skills.

You might be enrolled in one of the best International MBA programs, where you would get world-class education. The MBA institute will help you with the necessary hard skills needed for efficiently accomplishing your tasks. Hard skills constitute to all those abilities, which are predefined and can be measured. Often, you can get certification for these skills. In fact, you can even mention these skills in your resume. While you might be proficient with the hard skills, but if you simultaneously don’t focus on soft skills, then you won’t be top priority of interviewers.

Today, some of the top MBA courses in demand include specialised programmes for soft skills. Students are taught how to deal with people and respond in critical situations. If you want to be job-ready, then you should focus on both hard and soft skills.

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