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What do companies look for in an MBA graduate?

What do companies look for in an MBA graduate?

Financial times asked 48 employers across the globe to rate 29 so called soft and hard skills according to importance. They found the most important skills employers look for are as follows:

  • The ability to work with a wide variety of people
  • Time management and ability to prioritize
  • Understanding digital impact on businesses
  • Ability to build, sustain and expand a network of people
  • Ability to solve complex problems

"The five most important skills were not core MBA subjects, such as finance and marketing, but more loosely defined qualities, or so-called soft skills," according to FT in a report describing the survey's results.

In 2015, Bloomberg surveyed 1320 job recruiters at more than 600 companies to out which skills employers what but cannot find. The survey showed that 

  • Strategic thinking
  • Creative problem solving
  • Leadership skills
  • Communication skills
  • Analytical thinking
  • Ability to work collaboratively


                     Skills help you in getting placed easily

Interestingly enough both the surveys show that what employers are looking for are a set of top 5 softskills that will help graduates successfully land in a job that meets both the parties requirements. 

The question is however, how many business schools are actually tending to this BIG NEED OF REQUIREMENT OF SOFT SKILLS IN STUDENTS from companies within their curriculum?. Answers are relative ranging from the number of hours being spent on honing such skills to the quality of upskilling etc. A defined methodology to address the growing corporate requirement is essential to enable students from across various Global Business Colleges TO BE SKILL READY. 

While there are various methodologies available and more avenues that can be opened up to teach students the above mentioned skills, one of the ways is to provide them with a development project. It could be new product development, new project planning and anything that requires the theory of the managerial learning to be applied along with the skills required by the corporates. This would lead to a WIN-WIN situation wherein a student is made placement ready and companies get ideal employee material without investing time and energy in them.

Regenesys Institute of Management, Mumbai is already pioneering in the space of honing the SOFT SKILLS of its students through a practical innovative idea called ‘COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PROJECT’. Students are given an opportunity to make a difference to a community that needs upliftment in areas of health, hygiene and sanitation. They apply their classroom learnings of management subjects to work on the project and in the process are provided a real life situation to learn the much needed SOFT SKILLS.

To know more about Regenesys Institute of Management’s pedagogy, write to me at sandyaj@regenesys.in ( Prof.Sandya Jadhav, Senior Faculty )