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What is Competency Based Approach?

What is Competency Based Approach?

Since the inception of education, we have pondered over its outcome and how to understand whether the education process has been successful. For many decades, the primary purpose of education was to promote knowledge and give facts. The subject or levels didn’t matter, the primary aim for any learner was to acquire knowledge as much as possible. Today, we live in an era where information is easily accessible by one and all. The digital revolution has made learning easy for people from all walks of life. Therefore, there has been growing interest amongst people for deeper learning in their desired subjects. The focus has been shifted from acquiring knowledge and information to developing core competencies.

An overview of Competency-based Learning (CBL):

Competency based learning includes instruction, assessment and grading of students on the basis of their learning. It may include knowledge and skills, which needs to be acquired during the process of education. This medium of learning is personalised in nature. It involves evaluating student’s growth through a defined curriculum at their own capacity.

Key Aspects of Competency-Based Learning:

  • Continual learning experiences, which last for a consistent period rather than a small set of lessons or activities.
  • Ownership taken by the learners and developing an understanding of what is expected from them.
  • Continued opportunities and diverse expectations to each student based on his capacity.


How does CBL work?

Competency-based approach works on the assumption that students are curious by nature. Experts believe that if given an opportunity most students prefer engaging and interactive medium of education. This forms the basis of competency-based learning. In the traditional form learning, we focused more towards knowing, but in the CBL, the focus has been shifted on learning.

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